Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hello there!

My alias is Bunny, pleased to meet you! I'm very happy to create this blog. The purpose of this is for me to post about my box subscriptions, because I'd love to be able to show others and introduce them to how great they can be.

About me? Well, for over a year now I've drooled over subscription boxes. Having a little surprise come to me in the mail? Yes please. But: I live in Canada and I’m currently a student. That means my box subscriptions are limited to those that deliver to Canada, and can't be incredibly expensive. But I did eventually begin to budget and now I have found some extra money to use towards subscription boxes. I've already signed up for several, and boxes have been coming in slowly but surely.

I don’t have the greatest camera at the moment, but I’ll describe everything to the best of my ability to make up for it. Of course, everything will be my honest opinion. By making this blog I hope to show others what subscription boxes are like, particularly those that ship to Canadian cities (since there are only a handful of blogs that are Canada-centric).


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