Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Box 5 April Option: 24clearit

Beauty Box 5 (referral link) is offering a deal to anyone who is currently a subscriber or subscribes before the end of March. Instead of getting their regular April box, you can get the five piece 24clearit package, which consists of an exfoliating cleanser, a toner, an AM and PM treatment, and a bonus treatment mask.

24clearit is a newer skin care company that focuses on good, scientific skin care. The products shown above do not contain sulfates, and all but the toner do not contain fragrance or drying alcohols.This is what I would call a medium-to-heavy duty regimen. The cleanser, AM, and PM treatments contain 2.5% to 3.0% benzoyl peroxide, the toner contains 2.0% salicylic acid, and the mask contains 6.0% collodial sulfur. That's a lot of drying agents. Combined with the toner which contains alcohol and fragrance, I'm wondering if 24clearit's claims to "minimize dryness" will hold up.

I've only seen one non-testimonial type review of the system, and even that was from a free package the author was given by the company. I'm interested in seeing how this system fairs. In a lot of ways, it's better than most prepackaged acne treatments I've seen, as far as good/bad ingredients go (I'm looking at you, Proactiv). At the same time, I'm confused about how they messed up the toner so badly when the other products seem really good.

I have opted in to this offer, because I've been sick and tired of BB5's fragrance-full products for a little bit (get ready for the March review)! Since my skin care regimen is still a work in progress, I'm happy to try new products.

Will you get the regular April Beauty Box 5 (referral link), or try out the 24clearit system? Let me know!

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