Monday, 3 March 2014

Loot Crate February 2014 Review

 Early in the month I saw spoilers for Loot Crate's February theme: Warriors. Loot Crate teamed up with Frederator Studios and promised some loot based on their Cartoon Bravest Warriors. Although I personally don't watch the show, I know my boyfriend does, and so I sent him one secretly as a gift. 
Box Overview
Box: Loot Crate (Referral Link)
Price: $19.37/month, $55.11/quarter, or $105.99/year including shipping for the US; 29.95/month including shipping for Canada, UK and Australia
Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Australia
What's inside: Several geeky gamer items, roughly curated around a theme. 
First look
Information booklet
What follows is the review written by my boyfriend, since I am not able to personally view the items at the moment -- and he'll be more knowledgeable about the theme, at any rate.
Alpha Battle T-Shirt by Shirt Woot! & Jamescho8 || $15 
 The shirt’s got a nice feel to it, as it’s 100% cotton. It’s an A to Z of gaming, with each letter representing a game or character. It seems to be sturdy decal-wise, but only time (and proper washing) will tell.
Bow tie
Some fraying
Bravest Warriors Bow Tie by Black Tie Geek || Estimated $15
This bow tie by Black Tie Geek has got the design of Impossibear, of Bravest Warriors fame. Made of polyester, the clip-on I received has a few frayed threads peeking out of it. Otherwise, it’s pretty soft and the adjustability seems very functional. It looks to be mildly stained in some places, but it’s mostly outside of the knot itself.
Bacon Love Card by Open Me || $4
BACON!!! This card has a funny design, sure to please anyone who has ever been online and mentioned bacon. A standard greeting card otherwise. Also included in the box was a URL to get some free cards such as this one.
Bravest Warriors Sticker by Just Toys, Intl. || Estimated $1.50
The sticker, depicting a scene of Willow from the Bravest Warriors episode “Ultra Wankershim,” has a mildly matte texture to it. Willow and the “My Arm is Missing” quote are the only removable portion of the card.
Dunny Sideshow by Kidrobot || $9.95
The blindbag figurine seems sturdy, but I’m not a connoisseur. Most of the designs seem very well done, so it isn’t a huge gamble to pick one up.
GPS Cinch Bag by Loot Crate Labs || Estimated $10
A little bag featuring the Gas Powered Stick, also from Bravest Warriors.

The box also includes a code to redeem Bravest Warriors #1, via

This box cost Bunny $18.59 CAD for the monthly subscription using a small discount code, and has an estimated value of $45.45! Not bad at all. Although the monthly themes might not be for everyone, Loot Crate often sends spoilers of their monthly theme with enough time to grab a box. Use the code MARCHLOOT to save $3 off your subscription. 

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