Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Loot Crate March 2014 Review

My boyfriend received this Loot Crate last week. This time, I actually know a bit about the themed items, so I'll be writing this review (with input from the beau, of course)!

Box Overview
Box: Loot Crate (Referral Link)
Price: $19.37/month, $55.11/quarter, or $105.99/year including shipping for the US; 29.95/month including shipping for Canada, UK and Australia
Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Australia
What's inside: Several geeky gamer items, roughly curated around a theme.

This month's theme was "Titan", referring to the game Titanfall and the animanga series Attack on Titan. A strange mix of genres, since as far as my knowledge they have literally no connection except for the word "Titan". My boyfriend and I were a bit anxious for this box, because we aren't really fans of either series, but we were told that there would still be some non-Titanfall and AoT items.

We were told wrong.

Attack on Titanfall Magnet || Value: Estimated $2?
Nothing too special here, just a magnet.

Attack on Titan Volume 1 || Value: $10.99
Neither of us like Attack on Titan, so to get the first volume is a little unfortunate. I may read it just to see what the fuss is about, but from the parts of the anime and of the fanbase I've seen, I don't really want nothing to do with it. Still, it's nice for them to send out something that's very popular at the moment for people to see if they like it.

Titanfall Shirt || Value: Estimated $20?
This is a Loot Crate exclusive t-shirt. Neither of us have played the game, but a t-shirt is a t-shirt, right? It's a fairly good quality shirt, too.

Titanfall Premium eGuide || Value: $9.99
Absolutely useless, since neither of us own the game. I feel pretty ripped off by this.

 Titanfall Lanyard || Value: Estimated $4?
I actually really like this lanyard. It's not explicitly Titanfall related at first glance, and I love hexagon patterns. I don't really have a need for a lanyard at the moment, but as soon as my current one breaks I think I'll use this one.  

Attack on Titan Wristband || Estimated Value: $5?
Lime Taffy || Estimated Value $0.80
If we don't like Attack on Titan, why would we ever wear a wristband for it? Does anyone wear wristbands anymore? Eugh. The lime taffy was "okay", according to my boyfriend.

Bonus Loot Crate Button
I think the buttons sub boxes like Loot Crate and Whimseybox include are pretty cute, although I'll never actually use them. Another bonus was a 30% off $50 of more coupon e-mailed to me for Gaems (a personal gaming company).

Conclusion? Not a good one. We decided to unsubscribe from Loot Crate altogether, because nothing from this box (save the lanyard) was anything we found even a mild interest in. Though the value was a roughly over $50, there's no value if we won't enjoy it. I don't like that we were told that there would be non-themed items when the only non-themed item were some candies. For anyone who isn't interested in AoT or Titanfall, or even dislikes them, this box is a big disappointment. For those who do like these series, I am thinking that this would be a perfect box! The quality of the items is good and many are Loot Crate exclusives.

I've still got my eye on Loot Crate. Perhaps we will resubscribe when a theme more suited to our interests comes up.

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