Friday, 7 March 2014

Memebox Hydration Box Spoiler

Memebox (pronounced: me-me-box) is a Korea-based box that focuses mainly on skin care, with some make-up products here and there. They recently put up their first spoiler for one of their "Superboxes", Hydration Box (#3).

If you'd like to purchase a Memebox, do e-mail them and mention that my account referred you (truo112), because they will give you an extra $5 credit on top of the $5 credit you get just for signing up! 

To view the spoiler for Superbox #3, check below the cut!

The Dr Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule was featured as a deluxe sample in MEMEBOX #4, and received such great reviews we felt compelled to bring it back in all of it’s full-sized glory!  

Made with 50% Propolis, and free from any parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, LJH Dr’s care Vita Propolis Ampoule protects and nourishes your skin naturally.
Click here to learn about propolis, a beehive-derived substance often used to heal skin injuries such as from cold sores. There are many anecdotes about propolis being used similar to raw honey to heal wounds.

I love that this product is paraben, artificial colour, and fragrance free. I have doubts about the miracles of propolis but I'm sure that this will be effective regardless. I have personally ordered a Hydration box and I cannot wait for it to come to my door.

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