Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Whimseybox February 2014: Result


Of course I made a bunny using my Whimseybox (referral link for $5 off your subscription)! Its name is Bunnip. I'm not so great at naming things.

The project itself was fun, and did not take long. I felted most of Bunnip late at night as a break from studying for midterms. It's not perfect, but of course, these things take practice. I can't wait until I have some more free time to try more felting projects. I highly recommend taking up needle felting if you want to make 3D things but aren't good at sculpting, like me! It's a very forgiving craft. Whimseybox sells many felting supplies, and US subscribers get free shipping.

For those of you with cats: be warned that your cat will probably want to play with your felt. My cat would not leave Bunnip alone and even stole it from my hands at one point during the needle felting process...

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