Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Whimseybox April 2014 Review

Box Overview
Box: Whimseybox (Referral link for $5 off your subscription!)
Price: $15/month, $45/3 months, $90/6 months, $165/yearly ($13.75 per box); $5 shipping surcharge per month to Canada
Ships to: US and Canada
What's inside: A monthly craft project with all/most of the supplies to make it, an art print, and the occasional extra. 

This is my third month with Whimseybox, which means it's the end of my 3 month subscription! By the end of this review, I've got to decide whether or not I want to renew my subscription.

This months art print/instruction card features a rainbow of arrows with the quote "DO GREAT THINGS IN THE NAME OF LOVE." The hipster in me really likes this. I may frame it one day. Inside the card were instructions for this month's project... calligraphy!

This kit included:
1 Standard Pen Holder
1 #101 Hunt Imperial Nib
1 #22B Standard Extra Fine Nib
0.5 oz Super Black Waterproof India Ink
20 Sheets 80# Bright White Paper (for practice)
2 Sheets Calligraphy Grid
1 Sheet Traceable Alphabet
1 Sheet Traceable Quotes
2 Sheets 100# Cardstock (for finished project)

The quotes were "today I choose happiness" and "ain't nobody got time for that". The alphabet card came with both capital and lowercase letters.

Calligraphy is something I've always been fascinated with. I've tried a few times but always ended up giving up, partly because I would be using old, hand-me-down items. In fact, I use an old, bent up calligraphy pen to open up all the packages I get! So be careful -- those nibs can be pretty sharp.

Using brand new items made me really excited, yet anxious. I'm a leftie, see -- I'm always worried that I'll run my hand over the ink and smudge it everywhere. But because I needed to go slow and steady, I didn't run into that problem. However, I did find that the strokes I made were not nearly as thick as they should be. I guess that's a matter of practice.

My thoughts? For the past three months, Whimseybox has basically read my mind. I wanted to try needle felting, I love skin care, and I was just talking to a friend about penmenship and calligraphy a few weeks ago! I've decided to not only renew my subscription, but upgrade to a six month membership.

If you've got the crafting bug, I highly recommend Whimseybox. Click here for $5 your subscription!

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