Sunday, 4 May 2014

Amoda Tea April 2014 Review

I gotta say that I'm a bit disappointed by Amoda Tea's packaging. At first I thought they would change up the monthly information card picture and tissue colour, as they did for the February box. But they've gone back to white tissue and this picture, I suppose to reduce costs. Oh well -- as long as they provide me with three nice teas each month, I'm still satisfied!

Box: Amoda Tea
Price: $12/month (including shipping)
Ships to: North America
What’s inside: Three tea samples, enough to make 5-7 cups of tea

This month's theme was "ritual", and the information booklet described a little routine you could do for each tea to make it a bit more personal and special. All teas this month came from Tay Tea, based in New York state. They specialize in tea blends, so all three teas featured this month are blends. 

Duchess' First Love
(Black tea, rooibos, hazelnut pieces, cornflowers, calendula petals, caramel)

The "ritual" suggested for this tea is to make a tea latte. Unfortunately, I'm mildly lactose intolerant and don't keep milk in the house, so I didn't get to try this. Still, this black tea and rooibos blend is creamy and a touch sweet, tasting just a bit of Earl Gray (though without the signature bergamot). This tea smells strongly of caramel, but mellows out once steeped. I like pretty much everything about this tea -- from the caramel sweetness to the combination of black tea and rooibos (my favourites) to the pretty blue petals scattered throughout the leaves.

A Day in Provence
(Rooibos, rosehips, red and black currants, lavender, rose petals) 
This tea ritual is one of enjoying the here and now, relaxing while making and sipping this tea with no disruptions. Named after the lavender fields of Provence, this rooibos tea as a very floral scent which comes across in the taste. It's quite light in flavour with a bit of a tart aftertaste (probably due to the currants) and makes a great afternoon tea. Amoda suggests making it iced, which I'm sure would be absolutely lovely -- if only it were warm enough where I am to warrant doing so! 

(Formosa gunpowder green tea, Moroccan spearmint)
 Traditional Moroccan mint tea is apparently made with fresh mint and sweetened profusely to be served with company, so this inspired tea blend is one "of friendship and hospitality" and meant to be served to friends. This tea can be re-steeped to allow the Formosa to release its full potential -- and indeed, this tea becomes less "mint" and more "green" over multiple steeps. It's a nice mingling of the flavours and ends up being quite refreshing. The spearmint is a nice change from the oft-seen peppermint, and is noticeably different in flavour.

If you'd like to support a Canadian subscription and discover all sorts of new teas and tea blends, please check out Amoda Tea! They appear to have something big and new in the works... (hint: it may be a personalized tea sampling experience!)

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