Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beauty Box 5 May 2014 Review

BB5 time again! Last month I decided to renew my quarterly subscription. It was a second chance for a service which has had its ups and downs with me. They didn't start off well this month, though. Turns out, some new subscribers using a FIRSTBOXFREE code didn't receive the same box as current subscribers, despite signing up under the assumption that they would receive the same box. Instead, they received a box of older items from previous months, some going as far back as October 2013. Some have called it a bit of a bait-and-switch from BB5, although I'd like to believe it was a major miscommunication error instead thanks to the good customer service I've had with BB5 in the past. I got the regular box -- let's see what's inside.

Box Overview 
Price: $12/month, $30/quarter, $99/year (shipping free)
Ships to: Lower 48 United States and Canada
What's inside: 4-5 samples of make-up & beauty products, nail products, skin care, hair care, fragrance, and so on.

Cattiva Precisione Eye Liner Full Size || Value: $20.00 
Beneficial ingredients of note: Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, olive oil, defensil (a mixture of ingredients which claims to calm sensitive skin and even prevent pimples)
Detrimental ingredients of note: None that stand out -- this product is fragrance and paraben free
This was the big teaser product that got released. This eyeliner is retractable, which is fantastic for those who hate sharpening their pencils. It glides on very easily and smoothly, with a noticeable pigment. That said, I found that the tip was just too soft for my liking and did not give me the sharp lines I was looking for. It also didn't have the staying power I was looking for, and though it didn't smudge as badly as some eyeliners I've tried, it definitely wasn't smudge proof.

MaskerAide Hydration Facial Sheet Mask - Beauty Rest'ore 1 sheet || Value: $5.99
Beneficial ingredients of note: argan oil, tomato extract, honey extract, aloe juice (all in lower half of list)
Detrimental ingredients of note: lavender oil, mango extract?, lavender extract (all in lower half of list)
This fabric facial sheet was super full of product when I took it out. I wore it for over forty minutes (as opposed to the suggested 20-30) and it was still sopping wet! My skin of course feels soft and smooth, but I would equate this to any other drug store mask and so don't think it's worth $6. Also, some other masks from this line do contain citrus oils. 

H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel 8mL/0.27fl oz || Estimated value: $1.13 (Canadian website)
Beneficial ingredients of note: sea salt?, wakame extract, sea fennel extract, sea lettuce extract (all in lower half of list)
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (upper half of list) 
I'm getting really sick of H2O+. I find their products to be overpriced, too full of fragrance, and worst of all -- ineffective. Plus, this sample is the tiniest thing ever! Even less than some pouch samples I get. I still haven't finished the H2O+ hand lotion or body wash I've received from previous months, and so I'm not even touching this. I'll probably throw it in as an extra in a swap, or keep for use on a trip. 

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths - Refresh (3 cloths) || Estimated value: $0.90
Beneficial ingredients of note: none
Detrimental ingedients of note: alcohol denat. (second ingredient), fragrance (second last ingredient)
These are not getting anywhere near my body, ever. I vehemently oppose alcohol denat. Away with you! Away! Perhaps I could use these to wipe down my glasses, instead? 

Harvey Prince Hello Perfume (2mL/0.07fl oz) || Estimated value: $2.13 
Beneficial ingredients of note: N/A
Detrimental ingredients of note: lemon, mandarin, grapefruit
I'm much more lenient of perfume ingredients than I am on skin care, since most people do not overuse perfume and perfume is not advertised to help your skin's health. Obviously there is fragrance in this! Some comes from citrus fruits, so please don't put this on your face -- you probably shouldn't put perfume on your face anyway. I'm not a huge fragrance person, but I actually love this scent a lot. It's floral and fresh with a hint of vanilla -- but not overly fake smelling vanilla, which I hate. 

This box cost me $10 using a quarterly subscription, and I received about 3x that amount, mostly due to the full sized eye liner. Unfortunately, I only care to use two out of five items, and one is all gone now! In addition to the (hopefully accidental) bait-and-switch pulled with the free box code this month, I've e-mailed BB5 to cancel my subscription. I will continue to receive e-mails from BB5 in case I decide to re-subscribe some day. I do believe that they are a great subscription service for beginners, as I was at the beginning of the year. But due to my skin care philosophies, I've found the majority of their products problematic. At the same time, they've introduced me to some "Holy Grail" items -- mainly my Epic Blend lip balm. I have faith in BB5, but for now I think it's best to hold back. My last box will be July's.

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