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Golden Tote April 2014 Review

Oh man, I've been so late with reviews lately. This is partly because of school, and partly because some boxes get to me very late. This was the case with my first Golden Tote, which shipped around the time others were already wearing the items within!

Box: Golden Tote (Referral link)
Price: $49 (1 chosen item + 1-2 surprise items), $149 (2 chosen items + 3-5 surprise items), ($25 flat rate international shipping)
Ships to: International
What’s inside: Clothing

Golden Tote isn't so much a subscription than a grab bag, sort of like Memebox. On the first Monday of every month, their site goes live with new clothing items to choose from. You choose 1 or 2 that you wish to receive, depending on which tote you want to purchase. Golden Tote then fills the rest of your tote with other clothing items as a surprise (though there is a short survey and a comment form in case you have any special requests).

This was my first Golden Tote, and I got it shipped directly to me, for a whopping $174.00 USD. This tote featured designer Staci Woo. I'm not a California girl at all, but the tote is nice and will come in handy one day, I'm sure!

Apologies for the pictures that follow; as explained, my camera is terrible and photographs clothing worst of all. Perhaps if I stopped spending money on sub boxes, I could purchase a nice camera... hmm.

Cinched Silk Dress (Small) by Beautifully || Value: $40
This was the deciding factors in me getting a $149 tote rather than the $49. Because I'm rather petite, cinched waists and empire waists tend to make me look a little longer in the legs. I also love floral patterns. This dress is partially lined (at the bottom), has side ties for extra adjustment, and has pockets. Why didn't they advertise this? Dresses with pockets are the greatest invention in the history of women's fashion. 

Unfortunately, I found the torso on this to be just too long for my 5'0 tall body, and in this case the cinched waist ended up being my demise. I've put this up for trade, but part of me still doesn't want to let it go. I may take this to a tailor and beg for some sort of alteration -- maybe pull some more fabric into the cinch? 

Multi-strap Detail Tank (Small) by Naked Zebra || Value: $20
I really like strappy things. Though this shirt was a lower value than the other items I could have picked, I figured I would wear it the most, especially with an upcoming summer. I decided on black instead of ivory in case the material was thin, and made a good choice. This tank is very light and airy. It fits large, but in a flattering way. The neutral colours make it easy to match. I'm very happy with this.

Raglan Lace Top (Extra small) by Staci Woo || Estimated value: $40???
Though not something I picked out, I specifically requested this shirt if available after seeing spoilers for it. This shirt was sent to the first 1000 subscribers (if they didn't specifically request to not get it). A similar shirt by Woo sells for around $40, though I wouldn't personally buy this shirt for that much. Still, the sleeves are nice and soft, the floral lace is well done and has just a hint of stretch, and the shirt fits great. Golden Tote added in an extra black cami (by Color Thread) to wear with this shirt. That's great, because I've actually got no idea where my old black cami went! This shirt will also look super cute with other colours underneath, and I can't wait to wear it out.

White Top (Small) by In Clover (Golden Tote's brand) || Estimated Value: $25?
Everything about this top reminds me of cheap shirts from relatives in Vietnam that I used to wear as a child when my family was going through hard times. The thin white rayon material, the strange faux-exotic/beach embroidery, the random lace by the armpits... Yet this shirt actually bit me really well! I can see why someone would like this, especially if they're a bit more conservative for their summer clothing. As you can see, I'm wearing an electric blue bra underneath and it's not super duper see through. A nude bra should be virtually invisible under this shirt. I've since sold it, since it makes me cringe with memories of my childhood clothing choices.

Striped Tank (Small) by Alythea || Estimated value: $25?
This tank is super low cut and super boxy. Really huge clothing seems to be the in thing right now, so I guess this is okay? I love stripes, and this boxiness does a great job of covering my torso areas if I've been feeling a bit bloated. I think it looks cute! I just need to find a way to get the wrinkles out without ruining it. The washing instructions on this are ridiculous -- it's just a tank top!

Striped Dress (Navy/Red) (Extra small) by Priddy by Puella || Estimated value: $80?
I love this dress. I saw it when reviews were first coming out and hoped so much that I would get it. I was upset when I saw that mostly only $49 totes received this, so I bought my own... but my tote came in before the dress was shipped, and it looks like I was lucky enough to get one! My only issue with this dress is that it's pretty low cut, I don't mind. If I do, I can easily turn the dress around and that brings the neckline up higher. You may be wondering why this estimated value is so high. Well, Puella is a brand carried by Anthropologie. I found a similar dress here for $118. Would I pay this much for the dress I recieved? Heck no. But branded clothing comes at a high price.

This tote cost me $174.00 and I received approximately $230 worth of clothes, more or less. I wouldn't buy most of these for their estimated value, I did like the majority of them and have put the others up for trade or sale. If I got this tote for $149, it would be a much better value and I think I would be ecstatic. Luckily, I can and have shipped my next tote over to my boyfriend's house to subvert some of the shipping costs.

Golden Tote can quickly become an addiction because of the way they slowly release spoilers and because of the big Facebook community they have which is super active and eager to trade their Golden Tote items. This is partially because Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal. If you want to return some items, you've got to return the whole tote. It's generally more worth it to keep the few items you enjoy, and swap the ones you don't.

I've already ordered my May tote (a $49 this time). I can't wait to see what they have in store!

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