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Memebox The Mask Edition #2 (Two)

I love face masks. I love face masks a lot. And though I was upset when the first edition of Memebox's Mask box sold out before I even knew it existed, soon enough a second edition came out, and I snagged it! I've finally made it through all of these masks at least once, so let's get to it!

Box Overview
Box: Memebox (Global)
Price: $15 (for Memebox Mini), $23 (for Memebox Global or Luckybox), $23-$39 (for Nakedbox), $32-$70 (for Superbox), + shipping
Ships to: United States, Canada, and over 40 other countries -- check here
What's inside: Korean beauty products. Specifics for each box may be found on their website.

First look
 The first thing you'll notice is how many masks there were! In total, there were seven different kinds of masks, eight packages, and 99 masks in total -- you'll see soon enough! These masks came in a nice little holding bag.

Keyskin Gold Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patch Full size (60 eye masks, 30 spot patches) || Value: $15.00 (on eBay)
Beneficial ingredients of note: aloe, camellia sinensis, rose extract, diamond powder?, colloidal gold?, coenzyme Q10, snail serefion filtrate, pearl powder, collagen, ginseng root extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (middle of ingredients list)
90 "masks" in total! This powerhouse of hydration contains a ton of great ingredients for the skin. I'm not sure about the efficacy of the luxury ingredients like diamond and gold on the skin, though I know pearl is fantastic due to its mineral content. Snail extracts have been shown to do great things for the skin as well. These masks peel off from each other easily when using the provided scoop, and stick on very well. They're not the perfect size for my undereye but are adjustable enough to be comfortable. I find them relaxing and hydrating, and a touch brightening, but I can't say they've left any long-term effects though I've been using them a few times a week. 

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack -Fruit Full size || Value: $2.00 (on eBay)
Beneficial ingredients of note: Glycerin, grape seed oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance, grapefruit extract?
I couldn't find a full ingredients list online, though I'm fairly sure there is grapefruit extract in this product. This is a hydrogel, one piece lip mask. It was strange to have to keep my lips closed in the same position for 20 minutes. After I removed the mask, I went without my usual lip balm to see how long the moisturizing effects would last. It was about half an hour before my lips started flaking again. So not a fan of this, personally -- but I have incredibly dry lips as a rule, so this may work for others.

LJH Doctor's Care + Tea Tree Mask Full size x 2 || Value: $6.00 total
Beneficial ingredients of note: tea tree extract (second ingredient), centella extract, Japanese mugwort extract, gingko bilboa extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: grapefruit extract (first ingredient)
This sheet mask has citrus as its first ingredient, at least according to the LJH USA website! Scary. As such, if you want to use this, please do so at night time when your skin will not be exposed to UV rays. I did not know this before I used both sheets up, but had no negative reactions that I recall -- and I'm not sure when I used them. I didn't find them to be super great or super terrible. I did think they dried out my skin a tiny bit, which tea tree oil is wont to do.

SN Yew Tree Stem Cell Perfect Calming Soothing Mask Full size x 2 || Value: $6 total
Beneficial ingredients of note: taxus cuspidata meristem cell culture conditioned media (5%) (second ingredient), glycerin (third ingredient), common purslane extract, broccoli extract, centella extract, ecalyptus extract & oil, rosemary oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: grapefruit extract, lemon oil, lime oil, lavender oil (all last ingredients)
I'm pretty sure that this was a sheet mask. The research behind stem cells, especially plant stem cells, as topical skin ingredients is still ongoing. It's difficult to say whether a tree stem cell would be effective for human skin at all, although I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be unless it was genetically engineered. Still, this mask was nice. Not my favourite, but it left my skin soft as any other mask.

Leaders InSolution Mask Sheet - Bio Medi-curing Aqua Dressing Full size || Value: $3
Beneficial ingredients of note: glycerin, many various non-citrus fruit and flower extracts, almost all of the 20 amino acids 
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (last ingredient)
This is probably one of my favourite masks. I put it on for as long as possible (until the sides start to dry), and it makes a huge difference in my skin immediately. It feels more plump, taut, hydrated, and is visibly brighter (temporarily, of course). It's a hydrogel mask, so it's easy to put on (but hard to remove from the packaging paper) and feel comfortable. I really like the ingredients list. Amino acids are the monomers (basic building blocks) of proteins, which are essential for your cells.

Leaders InSolution Mask Sheet - Coconut Bio Mask w/ Tomato Full size || Value: $3
Beneficial ingredients of note: glycerin, tomato fruit extract, many various non-citrus fruit and flower extracts
Detrimental ingredients of note:  fragrance (last ingredient)
Similar to the Aqua mask, albeit with less ingredients, I also enjoyed this. Again, it was difficult to remove from the paper but easy to put on. Tomato is a great ingredient which is known for its antioxidant properties.

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask Full size (1 pair -- two masks) || Value: $5.00 (on Amazon)
Beneficial ingredients of note: lactic acid, urea, glycolic acid, salicylic acid
Detrimental ingredients of note: alcohol (first ingredient), isopropyl alcohol, various citrus fruit extracts, menthol, fragrance
Foot peeling masks have become very popular lately in Korea and now in America. They advertise the use of fruit enzymes to slough away the skin, causing massive peeling of the callouses and dead skin cells, leaving you with super soft feet. Looking at the ingredients list, I was horrified by the amount of alcohol in this -- and indeed, it had a sharp alcohol smell that was a bit off putting. Though I couldn't find any studies on these sorts of products, I hypothesize that they work by literally eating through and killing the cells on the outer layers of the skin in order to speed up the shedding process. Since my feet are super calloused, and since no one ever sees my feet anyway, I decided to try it. I was pretty sad when there was no peeling on the fourth day (as advertised)... but on the fifth day, I woke up to see this:


So gross. So satisfying. I spent the next two days picking off flakes from my feet. The skin underneath was newer and smooth. Unfortunately, the mask didn't get through the entirety of my thick skin, so I still have pretty big callouses. I believe I may get another mask like this soon, though... I know it's bad for my skin's health, but I have a strange addiction to picking off those flakes, and the smoothness afterward is great, too...

This Memebox cost me $23 USD, with free shipping thanks to a bundle code (MEMEBUNDLE3 for $5 off any order of 3 boxes) and two Memepoints. I received $40 of product in total, just under twice the price. Although this is on the lower end for Memebox, I don't mind too much because I love masks, especially the Leaders InSolution brand. The foot mask was also an entire experience and I would easily pay more than $5 for that. The Keyskin patches will last me ages, too.

The third edition of this box has already come and gone, and I was quite disappointed to not purchase it. But with how popular they are, I'm sure a fourth one is in the works!

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