Friday, 30 May 2014

Loot Crate May 2014 Review

What's this? A backdrop that isn't my usual table? Must be Loot Crate time again! This month's theme was ADVENTURE, and promised items from the Minecraft, Adventure Time, and Legend of Zelda series, which my brother, my boyfriend, and I enjoy. The theme spoiler got us to re-subscribe and give Loot Crate another chance. Let's see what we got!

Box Overview
Box: Loot Crate (Referral Link)
Price: $19.37/month, $55.11/quarter, or $105.99/year including shipping for the US; 29.95/month including shipping for Canada, UK and Australia
Ships to: US, Canada, UK, Australia
What's inside: Several geeky gamer items, roughly curated around a theme.

In lieu of the normal magazine, Loot Crate tried an online one. They've announced that they will do both the online and print booklets in upcoming months. 

Describing the Legend T-Shirt by Zen Monkey Studios || Value: $20
Though Loot Crate describes this as an exclusive T-shirt, I've heard rumours that this shirt has been seen selling at conventions. Either way, this is a really cool shirt! Zen Monkey Studios has all sorts of similar typography shirts and posters of various cartoon and video game characters, along with a bunch of other things. I may make a purchase there myself! Check their products out here.

Adventure Time Mystery Tins by Funko || Estimated value: $7
This BMO tin is one of the cutest things ever! It will be great for storing things. The Cake figure is very cute as well. I'm usually not a fan of blind bags like this, but both I and my boyfriend quite enjoy this one, perhaps because it is useful beyond looking cool.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone Legend of Zelda Opener by Loot Crate Labs || Estimated value: $3?
This is my favourite item from the box, and one of my boyfriend's favourites. It's maybe an outdated and overused reference, but one that's full of nostalgia. Plus, humour factor since it's a beer opener. I think we can definitely make use of this on hot summer nights.

Minecraft Hanger Blind Bag by Just Toys Int || Value: $7.50
Neither my boyfriend nor I are into Minecraft, but my younger brother is in a big way. This hanger is decent enough quality and I'm happy we got the iconic sword. My brother will be sticking this on his keychain.

Captain Sparklez Stickers (Maker/Captain Sparklez), Markiplier Tats (Maker/Markiplier), Curator Stickerset (Make/Polaris) || Estimated value: $3?
I really hate it when boxes put things like stickers, temporary tattoos, nail stickers, and so on in boxes. No one I know is the kind of person who would actually stick them on something. Moreover, the curators of these items (mostly YouTube Let's Players, who play video games online whilst adding commentary) aren't ones my boyfriend nor I are familiar with. I don't think my brother would use these, even if he watches their videos, either. I just feel like these should be extras thrown in, not part of the box's value.

The Friend Zone Soundtrack by Maker/Polaris || Value: $10.99
My boyfriend and I both immediately shuddered in disgust when we first saw this item. The term "friend zone" has been butchered and has connotations neither of us agree with. Turns out that this is an Internet series of shorts. I skimmed a few videos and wasn't too impressed by what I saw. This soundtrack is full of video-game esque music; 8-bit tracks and the like. I haven't listened to all of it. It may be nice background music.

Along with the items came two extras: the usual Loot Crate pin and an "Official Member" card. Those who have received three crates or more get one of these cards, and apparently these will be used for future events. Not sure what's in store yet.

This box was around $20 including shipping (I sent it to my boyfriend in the United States), and contained around $50 worth of items, most of which was comprised by the t-shirt. Aside from the stickers/tats, the box was a great success in our opinion. This has made me more hopeful for the future, and depending on next month's theme, it is likely that we will continue to subscribe for now. 

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