Saturday, 7 June 2014

Golden Tote May 2014 Review

This review comes late because I had this tote shipped to my boyfriend's house in New York, to avoid some shipping costs.

Box: Golden Tote (Referral link)
Price: $49 (1 chosen item + 1-2 surprise items), $149 (2 chosen items + 3-5 surprise items), ($25 flat rate international shipping)
Ships to: International
What’s inside: Clothing
Golden Tote is one of my new obsessions, unfortunately for my wallet. There's something about spoilers before a big release day that gets to me. The lovely Golden Tote community on Facebook helps a lot, too. I love how you get to choose something so you know you'll have at least one thing you like the look of. I got the $49 tote this month, which means that I can choose one item and will receive one or two surprise items.

 Cotton Crochet Top (White) by miss love || Value: $25
I'm really liking tops I can wear with bandeaus recently, so I was quite excited to get this shirt. I love the crochet detailing. I wish it came in colours other than white, but luckily this cotton shirt is not completely see through in the front (not that I would wear a bra with this anyway -- the electric blue bra is for transparency viewing purposes only!). The cotton is super light while being thick enough to feel sturdy. I do think this is a touch big on me but with careful hand washing I think it will shrink up to be the perfect size.

 Adore You Dress (Aqua) by Naked Zebra || Value: $69.99
I don't really feel like this dress is worth $70. But then, it doesn't look very good on me, either. The height was fine, the spaghetti straps didn't bother me like I thought they would when I first saw pictures of it, and I like the colour. But the waist and torso were simply too big for my small stature. When I dropped the waist, I looked as flat and straight as a ruler, so that was out. But when hiked up even a little bit, the waist simply could not tie small enough to make it look flattering. I've traded this away already for another Golden Tote top which I hope I will like very much.

I paid $49 plus tax and shipping (about $7) for this tote and got $95 worth of clothing. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% happy with the top as it came in the tote and I'm not happy with the dress at all. Luckily, Golden Tote's community makes it super easy to find something that you like for sale or trade, and if the top I get for this dress works out and the crochet top shrinks well, then I'll be very happy! I've already ordered my June tote and I hope it works out well.


  1. What size are you normal in tops and what size did you order? Ima about to buy one

    Also are these tops pretty short? I'm 5'10

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Sorry for the late reply. I am a size XS-S, and ordered/requested the smallest sizes available. I'm 5'0 so I find the shirts to be quite long on me. For Golden Tote items in the store, the model stats are listed -- they are usually 5'9 or 5'10. They also list the length of the tops. I find GT likes to fit long. Their Facebook page is a great place to find sizing information on certain items, and they have wonderful customer service if you have further questions!