Monday, 16 June 2014

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle June 2014 Review

Another month, another Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box. Let's take a look at this month's products!

Box Overview
Box: Saffron Rouge Inner Circle
Price: $24.99 per month
Ships to: Canada, US International
What's inside: Organic beauty products, a mix of full-size and samples

Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush (Mystic) Nickel-sized pressed powder, 1g? || Estimated value: $5.30
Beneficial ingredients of note: sunflower oil (first ingredient), beeswax (second ingredient), castor oil, vitamin E, frankensense, basil extract, lotus leaf extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: essential oils? (not specified what kinds)
I thought last month had tiny samples, but this takes the cake. This is miniscule. It's a highly pigmented pink powder with blue iridescent glitter/sparkle, but still, it's so tiny... yet worth five dollars, somehow! I definitely think this is too glittery for a blush, especially for everyday use. It could be used for a nice eyeshadow, though I'm not really a pink sort of girl.

ilike Lemon Cleansing Milk Unknown volume, 5mL? || Estimated value: $0.85
Beneficial ingredients of note: glycerin (third ingredient), vitamin E, salicylic acid
Detrimental ingredients of note: corn oil (second ingredient), apple (fourth ingredient), lemon (fifth ingredient), alcohol (seventh ingredient), limonene, citral (last ingredient)
Would you look at that ingredients list. Ughhhhh. I wouldn't put this on my face in a million years. Corn oil, really? Not that corn oil is particularly terrible for the skin, but as a skin care ingredient it definitely isn't luxurious, and is also higher on the comedogenicity scale. Then there's a bunch of citrus and some alcohol thrown in there too. The only plus is that it smells like lemon lollipops. It didn't even do a great job of washing off the blush from my arm when I swatched it.

Oh, and this is a repeat from March, where they gave the grape stem cell cleansing milk. Very disappointing.

Primavera Energizing Ginger Lime Hand Cream Full size || Value: $18
Beneficial ingredients of note: jojoba oil (second ingredient), sweet almond oil (third ingredient), glycerin, shea butter, avocado oil, macadamia oil, green tea (last half of list)
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (halfway through list), lime oil (halfway through list), ginger oil (halfway through list), alcohol (last ingredient)
I haven't opened this lotion yet, as I don't think I would like a ginger lime scent, and haven't had huge luck with Primavera products in the past (since Inner Circle likes to give one Primavera product each month, it feels). Though the lime oil is lower in the list, it's still high enough to make me nervous, though because it's a hand cream and not a face cream I'm not as upset as I am with the cleanser. I like that jojoba and sweet almond (both great oils with low comedogenicity) are the second and third ingredients.

The Body Deli Body Lotion (Jasmine Tuberose) 60g/2oz || Estimated value: $9.50
Beneficial ingredients of note: coconut water, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, glycerin, various "superfoods", vitamin E, vitamin C, some floral oils
Detrimental ingredients of note: lavender oil (second last ingredient) (unlikely to cause issue)

Though I think it's funny to put a superfood in a skin care product, such as spinach or carrot juice, none are likely to cause any negative effects. At worst, they have no effect; at best, they impart some of their vitamins or whatnot into the skin. Unfortunately there's not much research on superfoods on the skin, since we tend to eat them instead. Regardless, the other ingredients in this body lotion are great. I'm not a huge fan of the floral smell, personally; but it's inoffensive. I think it soaks in and moisturizes as well as any other similar moisturizer.

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Extreme Lip Gloss Full size || Value: $23.50
Beneficial ingredients of note: coconut oil (second ingredient), grape seed oil (third ingredient), vitamin E, aloe
Detrimental ingredients of note: peppermint oil?, spearmint oil?, star anise oil, wintergreen oil?
This clear lip gloss and plumper smells of mint, which I personally enjoy as a scent. As an ingredient, not so much. Though mint oils are generally regarded as safe, especially in low concentrations, I've personally been having some issues with my lips and I can't help but be cautious about ingredients that produce cooling, warming, or tingling sensations. These sensations are indicative of nociceptors (pain receptors) firing, which means irritation. Truth be told, any sort of plumping product involves irritation to the skin. Plumping is not a normal reaction, it's inflammation. Since my lips are still healing, and because my lips are plump on their own, I do not need this product. It's a shame, because the packaging is quite nice.
 This month, I received just over $55 worth of product, but I'm only planning on using one (the body lotion). It seems like with every month, I get a little more disappointed with Saffron Rouge Inner Circle, which I used to call my favourite subscription box. They have such a great variety of product and brands in their store, yet continue to send lotions, tiny samples, mists, hand and body lotions, and Primavera. It doesn't help that usually the products are filled with citrus -- and worse, some have alcohol! I'd love to see some pure facial oils, konjac sponges, foundation/powder in a decent sample size, brushes, masks, scrubs...

I've decided to give Inner Circle one more month. As it's a subscription on the pricier side, it's simply not worth it if I'm only using one or two items from it each month. I really do hope I am impressed in July.

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