Saturday, 5 July 2014

Whimseybox June 2014 Review

This box came a little bit late, but better late than never! Here it comes, in bright yellow wrapping paper and an orange-gold ribbon. Fitting, because June's Whimseybox is a DIY gold leaf picture frame!
Box Overview
Box: Whimseybox (Referral link for $5 off your subscription!)
Price: $15/month, $45/3 months, $90/6 months, $165/yearly ($13.75 per box); $5 shipping surcharge per month to Canada
Ships to: US and Canada
What's inside: A monthly craft project with all/most of the supplies to make it, an art print, and the occasional extra.

First look
This box contained a wooden frame, sheets of gold leaf (I believe I counted four or five), latex gloves, glue, sealant, a foam brush, and a paintbrush. Also included was a "DIY cred" button. I don't actually mind Whimseybox's buttons as opposed to, say, Lootcrate's, because they're smaller, well designed, and don't advertise the box blatantly. It would be quite easy to make a little craft using them once you have enough of them, like a rainbow of pins.

I did this project as soon as I opened this box. I wasn't very fond of how the frame looked in the instructions given, so I didn't go in with high hopes. I don't have a picture of my frame, because quite frankly, it looked terrible! I was far too impatient with letting the gold leaf stick to the adhesive properly. I also got very frustrated when the gold leaf teared. The foam brush was also poor quality, and the foam fell off of the handle more than once. The glue has no way to close it once opened, so I felt like I had to use it as soon as possible.

Since I messed up the frame, I then tried a few designs on a spare Memebox I had lying around. That also didn't turn out so well. The gold leaf just kept ripping under my heavy hand! So I looked around, and decided -- hey. There's a wooden hanger I have! It's the same material as the frame, and if I screw up, it's not like I'll see it that often anyway, right? So I decided to just do whatever I wanted to this hangar, going for a purposefully broken up look to see if it would look alright. I'm still not happy with the result -- take a look:

I think it would have been nice if they included a frame that would have fit the art print information cards they send out each month. As it stood, I didn't have much emotional investment in the outcome of the frame. I guess gold leaf just isn't my sort of thing. Oh well! It was still a well-curated box and I'm still happy that I'm subscribing to Whimseybox. I definitely need to get on doing the projects, though; I believe I have two boxes I haven't yet touched!

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