Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Ending

Thank you for being a part of Inner Circle.
Over the past year, we’ve had a blast bringing you the best in organic skin care, and your feedback has been exceptional. It has been an amazing experience for us, and we hope for you as well.
Unfortunately, we’ve come to the difficult decision to end the Inner Circle Program.
Well, despite the success of the program, many of our brands have found it more and more difficult to provide the items that make Inner Circle so phenomenal. Unlike many subscription boxes, which work with the biggest (and dirtiest) names in the beauty business, our partners simply aren’t able to mass-produce their items in the kinds of quantities we need to deliver you the best value each and every month.
We considered alternatives – fewer products, raising the price, sending more sachets. The truth is, we didn’t like any of them. We know what our members have come to expect in terms of quality and value, and we refuse to cut corners.
Take heart though – your feedback is leading us down new and exciting paths. You’ve said you want more choice. You’ve said you want great value. You’ve said you want something just for you.
We’re going to deliver.
Stay tuned throughout the rest of 2014 on Facebook and Twitter – We’ll be bringing you some exciting new offers and products, and our Inner Circle is going to be the first to be “in the know.”
As a final thank you, we’d like to extend the code INNERCIRCLETHANKS to you. This code will give you 20% off your next order placed before September 3, 2014, and is our way of saying “You are the best of the best.
Thank you for being a part of our Inner Circle program!
Saffron Rouge
 Saffron Rouge was one of my favourite subscriptions, as well as one of my first. Though I was not always happy with the products I received, and even planned on unsubscribing soon, Inner Circle had one of the highest value to cost ratios I've ever seen from a monthly subscription, and did their best to provide organic and natural beauty. I still highly recommend their storefront, as not only do they provide high quality beauty products, but they are a Canadian company. It's sad to see them go. There will be no August box. I've yet to review the July box, but now I will be sure to put my all into it. Good luck, Saffron Rouge!

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