Friday, 5 September 2014

Elizabeth & Clarke Fall Collection 2014 Review

I was pretty surprised when I saw this on my porch today. I don't remember ever getting a shipping notification. Still, things to unbox? Sounds good to me! After a summer hiatus, Bunny's back to reviewing, and here we are with Elizabeth & Clarke's Fall collection!

Box Overview
Box: Elizabeth & Clarke
Price: $30 for one shirt, $50 for two shirts, $60 for three shirts, per season. $15 shipping charge to Canada and $25 for international.
Ships to: Worldwide
What's inside: Your pick of shirts from their collection, typically out of 5 each season.

Elizabeth & Clarke is a seasonal subscription. Each season they unveil three new shirts, from which you may choose from -- plus their two "Forever Collection" shirts. The shirts are designed with a focus on neutral colours, fashion, and quality materials. This season, I decided to pick all three of the new Fall Collection shirts.

Two seasons ago, I got a size 0 in all three shirts I picked. I was very disappointed, as two of the three shirts were far too large for me, in both length and width. This caused me to skip the Summer Collection, as I felt a bit let down. This season, I decided to give E&C another chance. I e-mailed their support and was easily able to change my sizing preferences to 00 for this box. They also went out of their way to provide me some information about sizing, which I quite appreciated.

Let's take a look at what I received. No selfies this time, folks!

The Allende
I have such a hard time picking out sweaters. They always seem to be a little too scratchy, a little too tight around the neck, a little too heavy... I can't say this about the Allende. This sweater is a great, neutral colour (I can even wear it with black!), and impeccably comfortable. It's warm, but not too warm, perfect for the cool autumn season. It's loose enough for me to slip over another long-sleeve shirt during winter, but tailored enough to be flattering. The length is perfect for me (I'm 5'0) if I want to wear it with leggings, thanks to the extra material on the backside. It's rather stretchy and I just love the textile.

With most turtleneck sweaters, I find myself feeling uncomfortable restricted. This isn't the case with the Allende, and I'm quite pleased. This is definitely a keeper, and worth the super reasonable $25 (for a Premium box to Canada). My only wish is that this sweater, which is 100% microfiber poly, wasn't dry clean only.

The Baccall
Excuse the poor photo! This 100% Crepe de Chine sheath can prove difficult for a photography newbie like me to capture. E&C introduced me to this fabric type, which is machine-washable and dryer safe -- always a plus. The extra fabric at the collar is meant to be tucked into the shirt to produce a draped, unhemmed look, though I pulled it out to show you. There is a vent on each side of the shirt, and the back is a touch longer than the front. This was a good fit on me, but I don't think the style suits me. The collar just doesn't hit me quite where I'd like it to. It's still a great quality shirt!

The Ross
I love Henley-styled shirts. This shirt was touted to be made from a super soft fabric blend. It's 35% modal, 65% poly, machine-washable, and dryer safe. How does it fare? Well... it is very soft. It may not be something I would wear to dinner, but it would be perfect when running errands or even lounging at a friend's house. I found this shirt to be a bit long on me, especially in the arms. It was also a little loose. However, the Ross was tailored to be a little oversized, and still looks pretty good. My concern is if the fabric will pill after long-term wearing and washing. If not, then this may truly be the perfect Henley.

This season's collection was fabulous, and I'm very glad that I gave Elizabeth & Clarke another chance. It seems like all I needed to do was adjust my sizing, and everything worked out great! The shirts are a fantastic quality and are pieces that can be worn in all sorts of situations. If you're looking for some nice staple pieces for your wardrobe, check out Elizabeth & Clarke. Just remember to size down!

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