Friday, 17 October 2014

Memebox Special Zero Cosmetics Review

When I saw that Memebox had a box dedicated to goodies formulated without harmful additives, I jumped on it. No alcohol, no sulfates? Count me in! This box shipped in early August.

Box Overview
Box: Memebox (Referral link)
Price: Varies -- typically $23 plus shipping
Ships to: United States, Canada, and over 40 other countries -- check here
What's inside: Korean beauty products. Specifics for each box may be found on their website.
Coupon: Use XW6C for $5 off your order!

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream Full size || Value: $18
Beneficial ingredients of note: snail secretion filtrate (first ingredient), sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, bee venom, argan oil, urea, willow bark extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: none

The famous/now partially infamous Benton. Say what you want about Benton, but I have not personally been harmed by their products. There have been reports of some sort contamination in some products (their aloe toner and their essence), but it appears that has been dealt with. Regardless, you should always been carefully checking and patch testing your products.

Anyway, I only have good things to say about this cream. It's a heavy texture not greasy. I like that they've changed the packaging -- it used to be in a jar container, which is less sanitary. The ingredients list is nothing short of stellar. The bottom line is that this cream leaves my skin feeling good. I already have another one as a back up.

Para recipe Bombee Soap Full size || Value: $13 (according to Memebox)
Beneficial ingredients of note: propolis, honey extracts, jojoba oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: citron seed oil
No sign of an ingredients list on this soap; I've used what Memebox provided me with. I'm always weary about bar soaps since the pH is far too high for my skin. I've yet to open this one, and may gift it to a friend. Otherwise, I would only use it on the body. It smells sweet from the outside of the packaging, which is great -- but keep it away from the naughty bits, alright?

Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum Full size || Value: $36
Beneficial ingredients of note: aloe, hyaluronic acid, tea tree water, sweet almond, evening primrose, olive oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: lavender oil, orange extract
No dice on the ingredients list for this one. I've yet to use this serum more that a few times. It looks like a cream (it's opaque white when dispensed), but applies like a lightweight gel in my opinion. It's refreshing, but I haven't used it enough to get any sort of benefit.

Nature's Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing Cream Full size || Value: $25
Beneficial ingredients of note: many vegetable/herb extracts, jojoba oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: N/A
I wasn't able to find a good ingredients list for this, and the box has gone missing so I can't attempt to translate! I haven't used this eye cream much since I am trying to use up my other ones, but when I did use it there were no negative side effects.

Easydew Fresh Mild Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++ 7mL/0.24oz || Value: ~$2.38
Beneficial ingredients of note: ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate 7.5%, titanium dioxide 4.25%, ethylhexyl salicylate 2%, octocrylene 2%
Detrimental ingredients of note: alcohol denat (near end of list), fragrance (last ingredient)
Wait, I thought there wasn't supposed to be any alcohol in this box! Oh well. It's almost a given for the majority sunscreens that alcohol will be somewhere in the ingredients list. Most have it near the top of the list, so kudos to this one. It's both a chemical and physical sunscreen, and it's nothing special. There is a white cast. It reminds me of most American sunscreens.

All Nature Organic Mask Sheet Full size x 4 || Value: $6 x 4? (according to Memebox)
Beneficial ingredients of note: aloe, sodium hyaluronate, centella asiatica extract, ginkgo biloba extract, + the ingredient listed on the front (broccoli, blueberry, blackbean, houttuynia cordata)
Detrimental ingredients of note: N/A
DISCLAIMER: The ingredients above were translated by me. I cannot guarantee that the ingredients are 100% accurate nor in the correct order. This is not a full translation of the ingredients lists for any of the masks.
I was pretty amazed that Memebox managed to fit four masks in this box. They are sheet masks that are apparently >50% organic extracts. I used the blueberry one so far, it was nothing super special. I did not see anything that pointed to alcohol on the ingredients lists, so they get thumbs ups anyway. As for what houttuynia cordata is? It's a common Vietnamese herb, found in Asia. People usually describe it as tasting fishy. Apparently, it has antibacterial properties. I'm interested to see if the mask works.

If these values are presumed to be correct, this means that this box -- which I got for $23 plus shipping -- was a whopping $120. Even counting all four masks as $6 collectively, that is still a value of $100. My only complaint is that I will not personally use these items to their full extent, sans the Benton cream and the masks. The rest are just sort of extra items that are alright, but not something I am going to go ga-ga over and use every day. Yet I still get my money's worth if I look at the value based purely on the cream and masks, plus shipping! Good job, Memebox.

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