Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Whimseybox August 2014 Review

If you've read my last post about Whimseybox, you'll know that they've suddenly gone completely quiet. No e-mails, no responses from customer service, no social media posts. Their last Facebook post as of writing is September 9th, and they haven't even bothered to delete the complaints on their page. There have been reports about unauthorized charges to people who have already contacted Whimseybox about cancelling their subscription.

Anyway, here's the August box. I got this box in the first week of October. I got my July box so late that I didn't even bother reviewing it, even though it was a nice enough box (polymer clay jewelry).

Box Overview
Box: Whimseybox (Referral link for $5 off your subscription, if you really want to)
Price: $15/month, $45/3 months, $90/6 months, $165/yearly ($13.75 per box); $5 shipping surcharge per month to Canada
Ships to: US and Canada
What's inside: A monthly craft project with all/most of the supplies to make it, an art print, and the occasional extra.

The project included is a Pajaki, a paper chandelier of Polish origin. The name translates to "spider" so I don't recommend Googling it if you have arachnophobia! The kit includes a bunch of straws, a pack of cotton balls, a bunch of paper cupcake liners, a tiny paint brush, a palette of cheap watercolours, a ribbon, two metal rings (one large, one small), a needle, and some thick paper with circles of various sizes printed on it. While I realize that the lure of craft boxes is not the item value but the curation of them, I always liked that Whimseybox would include some things that I wouldn't, you know, have lying around my house. Compounded with the shipping and overall terrible service, this was just a massive disappointment. The only thing I can say is that I do like the art print on the card this month.

I've tried to cancel my subscription and it is still "pending". I think that I will be contacting my credit card company soon, as my subscription renews in November. I highly suggest you do the same.

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