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7 Possets Perfume Samples Review - Candy Thong, Ergot, Flossing, Huile of Fortune, Mud and Passion, Over the Rhine, Victory

What's this? A non-box review? Dang right it is, and about time! I get all sorts of stuff in the mail to unbox, but rarely do I review non-subscription items. But hey, with my dwindling list of boxes I subscribe to, I may as well provide some reviews on everything else I receive, right?

So what exactly are we looking at here? Lemme tell you: indie perfumes. I've only just gotten into indie companies as of late, and I'm in love. I love supporting small business, and I love the creativity and love each product gets. I'm totally new at both indies and perfumes, so please bare with me! My nose is not experienced at all.

These samples are from Possets Perfume, I think (see below). I picked these up on a thread at Reddit's Indie Makeup and More, a wonderful community!

Let's get to smelling!  All samples are slightly less than a milliliter. These reviews are in order of how I tried them.

Candy Thong by Possets || Full size: $12.50

Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar! I set about making THE most candy, sticky, sweet and irredeemable fragrance in history and I must say I outdid myself. Sweet creamy caramel with lots of butter is put together with a busty musk for staying power and a very very very light tweak of flowers and lemon drops wayyyyy off in the distance so they don't interfere with the dirty stuff going on down here but add a bit of "gravitas" so the whole blend does not fly away. The strange thing is that Candy Thong dries down to a very pretty and classy fragrance after all of the youthful flings and things. Art imitates life here. A very very very good scent!
Initial reaction: Very sweet, like sugar cookie batter. A little deeper and fuller than the kind of thing you can smell a mile away from Bath and Body Works. Sometimes I get a hit of grassiness.
20 minutes later: It's mellowed out. You can still tell it's sweet, but more of the muskiness comes through. The potency of the scent itself also fades.
1 hour later (and one accidental hand wash): I can still smell it, but it's very faint. I only applied a tiny bit so it's my fault for washing my hands. But the scent now distinctly reminds me, of all things, of MUAC's Lactic Acid Peel. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I can't really describe it.
Overall impression: I know this is going to turn off so many people in my life. I love it. Probably won't get much use, but mmm. Sugar.

Ergot by Possets || Full size: N/A, limited edition
Warm wheat scent from the sun, a sparkle of an invading virus (which is a touch of wine in this case) blended with a comforting bakery scent and a bit of sugar frosting.
I'm pretty sure this is from Possets, though the label says BPAL, which to my knowledge would stand for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. It is possible that someone decanted (split a personally-bought full size into samples for others) this and mislabeled it. 
Initial reaction: Like incense. What's up with that? A bit fruity. 
45 minutes later: There's the wheat. And mask. Still sort of smells like incense, though?
Later: the smell begins to fade, alternating between wheat and something musky. I asked a friend and they told me it smelled like an inappropriate area. Erm, alright then.
Overall impression: I liked it, and one other person I asked said it didn't smell like nether regions at all, haha. I guess I'll just have to not wear it around that one friend!

Flossing by Possets || Full size: $12.50
A pretty, dear and yet spicy little blend. Flossing is named after the dainty stitching put on many corsets to keep the stays in place. A comforting blend of gingery peppery small vanilla and wood, Flossing is very cheery and is like being the Queen in a Sewing Bee! This is a marvelous everyday perfume which can lift your spirits immensely. Highly recommended as a first Posset for the persnickety or those who want to try Possets but are diffident about it. Characteristics: foody, vanilla, sensous, feminine, scent locket.
Initial reaction: Oh no, is this going to smell like old lady on me?
30 minutes later: Wait, is this Ergot? Smells just like the initial incense of Ergot, but sweeter. Sorta woodsy.
45 minutes later: Less woodsy/musky/incensey, more sweet.
1 hour later: There's the vanilla! I've never smelled a perfume that hits the vanilla note without being overly citrus-y or sweet. Mm.
Much later: I can't stop smelling myself. I smell like vanilla. Please help, people are looking at me
Overall impression: Vanilla. Yes. Please.

Huile of Fortune by Possets || Full size: $12.50
Seven carefully chosen ambers, put right with a bit of sage, a small amount of suave moss, and fern and a bit of vetiver which is handles with a deft and gentle hand. Dry but haunting, unisex and sure to gather you compliments. Very well mannered and suitable for either day or evening. A winner which I have worked very hard on and am quite proud of.
Initial reaction: More incense? What is going on?
10 minutes later: Oh. I see what happened. As it turns out, it seems Huile of Fortune somehow rubbed off on all the other scents prior. All the amber notes, to me, smell like incense.
Later: This scent, as evident by how it's too stubborn to leave the other scents alone, did not budge. It stayed for ages, although it did fade somewhat. I didn't notice any changes after the dry down.
Overall impression: No thank you. Too witchy for me, on top of reminding me of the incense my family uses to mourn. It'd be nice during the fall for other people, just not for me.

Mud and Passion by Possets || Full size: $12.50
Mud and Passion? Of course! This is a very lazy summer scent. This one should remind you of a field out in Mississippi in the heat of the noonday sun in May before it gets so hot and humid that you can't stand yourself anymore. Melon, drying grasses and volatile leaved plants rub up against each other and conjure up that sort of a summer. A little known side of Mississippi which is otherwise famous for deep fried foods, magnolias, and a good deal of river culture. Real nice rendition of the New Old South. Fruity, musky.
Initial reaction: Woah. Jolly Ranchers and dirt. Why does this smell like fake cherries to me?
20 minutes later: The grass and plants are coming out more. I still can't get any sort of melon scent from this, though. It's fruity, but not in a way I like.
Overall impression: Not for me! Nothing else to say, really.

Over the Rhine by Possets || Full size: $12.50
Over-the-Rhine is Possets' first all out oriental spicy mix, a blend of the comfortable and the challenging, the familiar with those things we are hard wired to enjoy. Over-the-Rhine really is a picture of how I view this section of town, and if I can paint it with scent instead of with paint, this is what it would be like. OTR doesn't smell like this, this is the scent portrait of the essence of the place. Characteristics: spicy, warm, unisex, resinous, oriental.
Initial reaction: Oh no. Oh no I don't like this at all. Eugh. Smells like rancid tea and spice.
10 minutes later: Oh my god it smells exactly like every oriental foods store I've ever been to. I don't know how I feel about this. It's so much like home and yet this is the last thing I want to smell like!
45 minutes later:  It smells the same as before. Wow this is weird.
Overall impression: Possets has got oriental spot-on. That's a neutral statement. I always have friends tell me I smell "Asian" (because I am), so I can't wait to show them this -- but I definitely am not going to use this as a signature scent.

Victory by Possets || Full size: $12.50
This is a simple and straightforward fragrance which concentrates on fighting fatigue while keeping you alert and motivated to get to the next level. Thyme and sage, lemongrass and light camphor, a bit of rosemary, and the lightest hint of white sharp amber to keep it all knit together without being dulling.
Initial reaction: Smells like generic department store cologne.
10 minutes later: Wow, this smell really faded. I can't smell it unless I put my wrist right up to my face -- and I put on more than I did with the other scents, too.
Some indeterminate time later: Smells... like clean laundry. Exactly like clean laundry.
Overall impression: Not something I would buy, but I can't complain about smelling like clean laundry. I wish it had just a bit more presence, though. A good unisex scent.

I am overjoyed with the experience of indie perfumes, and I have several coming to me in the future! I hope that my nose gets more experienced over time so that I can provide a better review for you all. I'm not sure if Possets quite works for me -- it seems like my skin just soaks them up within an hour, and although I can still smell them over the course of a day, it is only if I put my wrist right up to my face. Still, it's a good first foray for me into indie perfumes and perfumes in general, and I can't wait to experience more. 

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