Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Amoda Tea December 2014 Review

Box: Amoda Tea
Price: $18/month, including shipping
Ships to: North America
What’s inside: 4 different teas (~3 cups each), tea filters

Woo hoo! My favourite tea subscription, Amoda Tea, is back after a short hiatus. They've made some changes to the subscription since I last reviewed them. The price has been upped from $12 to $18 a month including shipping. Instead of 3 teas with enough to make 5-7 cups, they now give out 4 teas, each at least 3 cups worth. They also include paper tea filters and a link to a playlist to sip tea to, which I think is cute. This month they also added a small pastry from Sweet Petite, though I don't know if this will be a recurring thing.

The pastry itself was very, very spongey. It was an odd texture I can't quite describe. It was sweet but not very flavourful. I didn't mind it but I probably wouldn't purchase it if I had the choice. 

The packaging on the teas has changed somewhat, with a papery brown instead of a plastic white sticker. The information cards were also paper instead of a nice cardstock like before. I assume the changes are to save a little money where possible to keep the business sustainable. It's not a huge detriment, especially when the tea descriptions and steeping instructions can also be found online.

Ball & Chain by Indie Tea || Oolong
Ingredients: Se Chung oolong, medjool dates, marigolds; all organic
Se Chung oolong simply means that it originates from a certain area of China. There are different varieties of Se Chung, but Amoda tells me that this particular one has a natural sweetness and roasted, nutty flavour. This certainly tastes like oolong, but also very different due to the medjool dates. It adds a nice dimension and I do enjoy this.

Celebration Medley by Sloane Tea || Rooibos
Ingredients: Red rooibos, apple, orange, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, rose
I am always down from some rooibos tea. The apple taste was very distinct in this, and overwhelmed the rest of the flavours. This could just be from luck of the draw -- perhaps there were just too many apple pieces in the scoop I steeped. Not bad if you like apple, though.
Wild Woman by Tay Tea || Black
Ingredients: Ceylon tea, wild blueberries, black currants, hibiscus, elderberries, corn flower petals; all organic
Of all the tea categories, black is my favourite. I also love the addition of blueberries and corn flower to teas. This tea was very aromatic, but the actual taste of berry was subtle. A nice, understated tea, but overall I felt it was a little unforgettable.
Ginger Cream by Aromatica Fine Teas || Black
Ingredients: Assam black tea, vanilla bean, ginger pieces, natural flavour
This really reminds me of my favourite tea I've received from Amoda, Caramel Toffee. I'm not sure why -- Caramel Toffee was a black tea-like oolong with hazelnut and caramel, whereas this... is not anything like that. It's not super sweet as Caramel Toffee is, but gives a sweet and spicy taste. Apparently, this is also the most caffeinated tea of the box. I like this!

Overall, these teas didn't "wow" me, but I'm so happy to have them. I don't really have any great tea vendors in my area, and shipping to Canada can get out of hand, especially when it's for teas I'm not sure I like. I also get bored of teas easily and like a lot of variety. Amoda gives this to me and that's what I wanted. I'm glad this lovely Canadian subscription is back. 

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