Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ipsy December 2014 Review

Box: Ipsy (Referral link)
Price: $10/month, $110/year; $4.95 shipping to Canada
Ships to: North America
What’s inside: Various beauty product samples and full size products, very roughly personalized

This month's bag is a nice rectangular vinyl-like bag, perfect size for a small purse or even as a pencil case for those of us still in school. The ipsy heart tag is thankfully removable. Thanks, ipsy! 

Beauty Without Cruelty AHA 3% Facial Cleanser 60mL/2fl oz || Value: $2.80
Beneficial ingredients of note: aloe leaf juice (second ingredient), geranium rose oil, cucumber extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate (surfactant) (third ingredient), lavender extract
While I enjoy the fact that Ipsy actually seemed to pick something from my interests, I have never found cleansers with active ingredients to be all that... effective. The only exception being benzoyl peroxide, which to my knowledge can do quite a bit of work within a few minutes. I do not expect a 3% AHA to help much as far as acne reduction, though. My skin really loves aloe so I'm glad it's a large proportion of this cleanser. Paula's Choice tells me that sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate is a surfactant which may be drying and irritating if used in large amounts, so be careful! I'm happy with my Cerave Foaming Cleanser so I'll be adding this to the swap list.

Swissco Electroplated Eyelash Curler || Value: $5
I've been needing a new eyelash curler for ages. Unfortunately, I just splurged on a very expensive Shu Uemura eyelash curler! This got here before the SU one did, so I've been using it anyway. It's a nice curler compared to my VERY old one, and actually curls my lashes. I did some comparison with the SU curler and there is a difference in how well they curl my stick-straight lashes. Sometimes money does get better quality, I suppose! That's not to say this is a bad curler by any means, especially for the price. It's also my favourite colour! Too bad the purple is already flaking off after only a few days of use. 

tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara 3mL/0.10oz || Value: $10
Beneficial ingredients of note: none
Detrimental ingredients of note: alcohol denat (presumably for quick drying)
$10 for a little mascara sample, my goodness. I know tarte is an expensive brand, but seeing the value of little samples really puts it into perspective. At least mascara lasts a long time! I've yet to open this but I've heard really great things about this mascara. I've also heard that the sample size is, for whatever reason, better than the full size! Maybe some small change in formulation to make up for lack of product?


Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare (medium nude sheen) Full Size || Value: $15.50
Beneficial ingredients of note: none
Detrimental ingredients of note: none
This is a loose powder with a hard, round, foamy applicator. I found the applicator very difficult to use to pack on colour; I would recommend a brush if you want to get the same opacity in the swatch below. This is a lovely shimmery nude. I only wish the packaging was better. I also wouldn't say it's worth $15, not at all. You can get similar shades for cheaper elsewhere (indies, anyone?) for sure.

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm in Lady Fingers (mauve) Full Size || Value: $4
Beneficial ingredients of note: mineral oil (first ingredient), shea butter, sunflower seed oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (near end of list)

I think the only place that carries NYX around me is Rexall and maybe the newer Target, so I'm always happy to receive NYX items. I'm not sure how most people in the US feel about getting a drugstore item, though. Anyway, ipsy describes this colour as mauve when it's very clearly a sheer hot pink. I did find it suitably moisturizing and it did add noticeable colour to my lips. I would compare the colour and feel to a Tony Moly Bunny Gloss. However, it smelled very strongly of fake cherry, despite the name. This was rather disappointing to me because the Creme Brulee butter gloss I got in a previous ipsy smelled like heaven. 

Top: Fairy Dust, Bottom: Butter Lip Balm
This month I received about $35 in product, though the majority of that comes from the fact that tarte and pixi are incredibly pricey brands. Still, I will use just about everything in this bag and I'm optimistic about ipsy's latest bags -- tarte and NYX are well loved brands and I'm happy to see them more often. I'd say this month was a win for me!

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