Thursday, 1 January 2015

Haus of Gloi Review

Haus of Gloi is a perfumerie and bath&body product indie company that carries perfume oils along with scented emulsions, pumpkin butters, scrubs, bath bombs, and more. I ordered from them on November 26th and my items were shipped on December 6th. I got one lip balm ($3.50), five perfume oil samples ($2.50-$3.00 each), and an emulsion mini jar ($3.50). Two of the samples are from their seasonal Yule collection. I did not get a free sample, but they did throw in a small hard candy of Asian origin. I wasn't a fan of the taste! It tasted familiar, but a bit tart.

Candy Corn Lip Balm 
Beneficial ingredients of note: virgin coconut oil (first ingredient), shea butter (second ingredient)
Detrimental ingredients of note: none
I'm one of those weirdos who likes candy corn. Most people I know don't, which explains why this autumn lip balm was still in stock all the way through November and to my knowledge only sold out halfway through December. This balm truly smells like candy corn: sickeningly sweet and almost artificial. There is no added sugar, so this balm is pretty tasteless -- maybe a bit waxy. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much for my constantly chapped lips. I think it would be fine for someone who only needs some regular Chapstick branded balm once in a while, but it's not for someone like me who carries around a container of Vaseline 24/7.

The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.
Initial reaction: Smells like eggnog. Yup. Creamy and sweet. Not getting much rum or nutmeg, though.
Wet: Less eggnog, more vanilla.
Dry: So much vanilla. For a little bit it almost borders along offensively vanilla (a la Bath and Body Works), but dies down to a nicer, mature vanilla scent.
Overall impression: On me, this lasts over five hours, even after a shower. The throw isn't great after an hour; I have to put my wrist right next to my face to smell this. It's pleasant, and I'll wear it, but not something I think I will repurchase.

Sweet Potato Treat
For me, this is the epitome of holiday comfort food: Sweet potatoes with mild spices, butter and brown sugar baked off with marshmallows.
Initial reaction: Sweet potatoes and marshmallows and cinnamon and sugar oh my goodness.
Wet: See above. I am falling in love.
Dry: For the first 10-15 minutes, my skin amps up the cinnamon to level 10. It's almost overwhelming, but I love cinnamon. After that, the cinnamon dies down to let the other scents mingle. It smells very much like it does in the vial for several hours until dying down to a creamy marshmallow scent.
Overall impression: I've already ordered a full size of this perfume along with a mini jar of it in pumpkin butter format. I love it. The staying power on me is amazing, lasting over 12 hours on my skin and over 24 hours on the piece of clothing I was wearing at the time. The throw is good too -- I could smell it on my wrist when walking with my arms down.

Litchi Milk Tea
Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.
Initial reaction: Hmm. Sort of a light scent. I definitely can see where litchi would come in, but I'm not getting a ton of tea or coconut milk. I suppose all of those are lighter scents to start with, though.
Wet: The tartness of the litchi comes out more, but not offensively so. Very poor throw on me.
Dry: Same as in the vial but very faint.
Overall impression: This is one of the most highly recommended scents for HoG, but it just didn't last on me. It was virtually unnoticeable by two hours, and even in the first half hour only I could smell it when I placed my wrist in front of my face. Just didn't work out, unfortunately.

Mango Sticky Rice
Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame.
Initial reaction: Definitely smells like sticky rice. Not getting a lot of mango.
Wet: Same as in vial. Still only a tiny bit of mango.
Dry: A little sweeter, but not really mango-y, still.
Overall impression: Throw was medium-low and it lasted about five hours. I really wish the mango was a bit more prominent, even though I like the smell of sticky rice. This is something I might purchase once in a blue moon in sample form to keep around. It's a nice scent that doesn't scream "I'm wearing a gourmand perfume".

A bewitching blend of clove, nutmeg and coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, sandalwood and spilled wine.
Initial reaction: Wow, the wine really comes out in this. I barely get anything else except a hint of amber and coconut.
Wet: More wine, still no clove.
Dry: First some more sandalwood comes out. Then about 45 minutes in it turns into dryer sheets. I know I had this happen with a Possets perfume a few weeks ago, but I tried it on someone else too and the same thing happened!
Overall impression: Really disappointed. Absolutely no clove or nutmeg in this for me; the wine and sandalwood took over entirely.

Satyr Body Emulsion 60mL/2oz
Beneficial ingredients of note: cocoa seed butter (third ingredient), shea butter (fourth ingredient), jojoba oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: none
Italian blood orange drizzled with a blackened vanilla.
The smell of this is much more apparent on the skin than in the jar. On me, it starts off as a sour citrus scent which was described to me by others as "citrus soap gone bad" -- not great. After about an hour, the citrus fades and I'm left with a creamier vanilla scent with just a hint of orange. Still, not a scent I'd like to try again in this product. The emulsion itself is a bit springy to the touch but is easy to spread. It soaks in easily, leaving a film for only about a minute before being basically unnoticeable. It did moisturize quite well. I wouldn't say the formula is the best I've ever tried, but I appreciate a short ingredients list and the large selection of scents. The scent lingers for quite a bit though the throw is reduced significantly over time.

Overall, I'm glad I ordered from Haus of Gloi and I have already ordered again. I'm excited to see their other seasonal collections when the time comes. I've also heard great things about their hair oils in particular, which look to have great ingredients. I'm still researching the ingredients used in their scrubs, soaps, and bath bombs, and I'm unsure if they will work with my skin so far. Regardless, HoG has another devoted customer.

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