Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Memebox Cafe Box Review

Another day, another Memebox to review. My backlog of reviews never seems to end. So here I present to you the Cafe Memebox. I got this in a restock maybe a week after the initial Cafe Memebox was released, before I knew what was inside. Did it fit the theme? Let's find out.

Box Overview
Box: Memebox (Referral link)
Price: Varies -- typically $23 plus shipping
Ships to: United States, Canada, and several other countries -- check here
What's inside: Korean beauty products. Specifics for each box may be found on their website.

Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap Full Size || Value: $3 (according to card)
Beneficial ingredients of note: unavailable
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
I looked up and down for ingredients for this adorable molded soap, but couldn't find any. The company makes all sorts of soaps in different scents and shapes, and appears to be very naturalistic -- they also sell things like pure carrier oils. Memebox tells me this can be used on the face, but I'm not willing to test that out. I've used it on the body and the very strong cacao scent fades very quickly as soon as I rinse myself off. It doesn't seem to dry out my body skin at all. It also doesn't lather much, which adds to my hunch that this soap is very "natural".

Pure Smile [Original] Mask Sheet in Green Tea Full Size || Value: $1
Beneficial ingredients of note: unavailable
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
I miss the days of Memebox where they would add in more than just one mask as a single item! Pure Smile masks are nice, but I'd rather get something else. I've yet to use this, as it's been added to my ever-growing hoard of sheet masks.

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm in Peach Cupcake Full Size || Value: $6
Beneficial ingredients of note: unavailable
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
What a cute cupcake! This balm is scented like peach and is tinted a very peachy pink. I don't notice the colour when it's on my lips, though the smell lingers for maybe ten minutes. It is moisturizing initially but I don't find that this is enough for my constantly chapped lips -- if I were to use this daily, I'd be reapplying every half hour, probably.

Cleomee Anti-Wrinkle Donkey Lotion Full Size || Value: $62.00
Beneficial ingredients of note: donkey milk (first ingredient), donkey oil (fourth ingredient), sodium hyaluronate, jojoba oil
Detrimental ingredients of note: "herbs", whatever that means (last ingredient)
Wow, $62! I'd balk at the price but I've been using this every other day for my entire body since I got it and I'm almost done. I can't say I'd pay $62 for this, but I can certainly see why one would want to. The advertised ingredient is the first ingredient in this lotion, as weird as using donkey milk might be (P.S. donkey milk is A-OK for those who are lactose intolerant). The bottle and pump are high quality and the lotion moisturizes wonderfully while not leaving me greasy for a long time (maybe 5 minutes). Some may be put off because there is a slight smell to it, and if you rub too vigorously the lotion leaves white streaks. I really enjoyed this, though I can't say I noticed any "anti-wrinkle" effects.

Vella Fresh Creamy Soap Full Size || Value: $12
Beneficial ingredients of note: in no particular order -- donkey milk, aloe extract, witch hazel, propolis, royal jelly, honey
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
This soap comes in a container similar to ice-cream. I know ice-cream is big in Asian cafes, but two items is pushing it, I think. This soap has a lot of nice ingredients but I'm not a huge fan of anything labelled "soap" for my face. I don't know the pH of this so it'll either be used for my body or put in trades.

Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub Full Size || Value: $9.25
Beneficial ingredients of note: milk protein extract, coffee seed extract, cocoa seed extract, honey extract
Detrimental ingredients of note: some plant extracts which may be irritating to some
Now this is more like it! This scrub's strong coffee smell permeated the entire box. The lip balm still smells like it a few months later. This product is housed in an adorable cup-shaped container, with a spoon inside the top of the lid. A+ packaging. The scrub itself is a sugar scrub, which I am hesitant about because it is somewhat rough on the skin. The scrub starts off brown and as you massage it lightly into the skin, turns white to signal when to rinse, which is ingenious. I love the smell and I'm quite happy with this, even though I limit my use of scrubs to once a week maximum.

Overall, this Memebox cost me about $30 and I received over three times the value, though most of that comes from the donkey milk lotion. I've been using every item but one (the ice cream bucket soap), which is a great hit-miss ratio for me. I very much enjoyed the lotion, the high ticket item in this box -- though I can't quite say donkey milk is cafe themed. Regardless of how well this Memebox hit the theme, I was very glad I got this box overall.

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