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Memebox Jewel Tones Colorbox Review

Box Overview
Box: Memebox (Referral link)
Price: Varies -- typically $20-$30 plus shipping
Ships to: United States, Canada, and several other countries -- check here
What's inside: Korean beauty products. Specifics for each box may be found on their website.
Coupon: use W9CV3Y for $3 off any $30+ order. Using my referral link, get $5 off any order of $100 or $10 off any order of $150 without a code! (Can be combined with coupon codes)

Colorboxes are $15 Memeboxes with 3-4 full sized makeup items based around a certain colour theme. In this case, the Jewel Tones box should be full of jewel tones. As you can see, Memebox provided four items in this box. One notable thing about this is that they are all from the same brand, "Color World". I cannot find this brand for the life of me online, and therefore cannot check if the values Memebox has given me are correct -- though I highly doubt they are, as you soon will see. 

Star Powder in 05 Violet Full size || Value: $14 (according to card)
Um... alright, well when you tell me "violet" in a "jewel tone" box, I'd expect the color of an actual jewel, like amethyst (one reason I bought this box, as it's my birthstone). This is... barely passing the definition of violet. Better than the other options, though, which were white (acceptable) and white-green (name me a white-green jewel)! This was, despite being a loose powder, not pigmented at all in my opinion. The swatch below could just barely be regarded as a lavender, and that was after several swipes -- granted, this was not over primer. Still, compared to a full size indie eyeshadow I could get for half the stated price? Please. It's usable, especially as a neutral, but not what I was expecting from a $14 eyeshadow that's supposed to be jewel toned.

Jewelish Stick Shadow in 09 Crystal Silver Full size || Value: $13 (according to card)
Okay, Memebox. Silver is a metal, not a jewel. I'm beginning to see that something is very wrong here. But alright, the name of the stick is "Jewelish", I'll give you that. And I really, really love metallics. This shadow was also not super pigmented on first try but very easily builds up, unlike the loose powder. I've never used a stick shadow before so I'm not sure if this is the case for all of them. It doesn't drag on the skin and there's no fallout. I enjoy this and will be happy to use this, especially on lazy days!

Multi Lovely Finger Mousse Lip in 704 So Hot Pink Full size || Value: $20 (according to card)
This is that super hot pink lippie in the bottom left. It's the middle of winter and all I want to do is be as dreary as the weather, so I've yet to actually wear this. On my arm swatch, it's very creamy feeling and very pigmented. It also leaves a stain which I believe will last quite a bit on the lips, as it took me some scrubbing to get off even when I had it on for only a few minutes. But... hot pink is not a jewel tone. Not in the least. I can't tell if I'll get use from this, since I have plenty of pinks in my collection already.

Kiss the Beads Lip Gloss in 02 Red Gemstone? Full size || Value: $18
"Red Gemstone"... close enough. I couldn't figure out which colour this was of the two options, both which were named "Red Gemstone" but with different numbers. This is a sheer gloss which is buildable in colour and contains some gold-ish microglitter. It smells. Very noticeably. I can't quite put my finger on the scent -- fruity, maybe strawberry-like? I think it would put off anyone who can't handle strong scents, as I could smell it on my arm swatch as I was taking photos -- much less on my lips. I'm not a fan of glosses so I doubt I'll use this up. Not Memebox's fault, though!

Top to bottom: powder, stick shadow, mousse lip, lip gloss.
I have no doubt in my mind that the values stated my Memebox are not the true worth of the products -- either in real retail prices or in terms of quality. The items (with the exception of the shadow, which I think is poor) are of decent to good quality and the colours are technically fine -- but they do not at all align with what I think "jewel" is. I was expecting at least one sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, opal, or even citrine coloured item. Instead I got a lavender, silver, hot pink, and sheer rosy pink with gold. I also wish there weren't two lip products -- a blush or eyeliner would have been welcome to round out the product types. I also don't like that this box only contained items from one brand.

As it turns out, the other Colorboxes released on the same date also contain items from one brand each (Revecen and Vivito). Why didn't they mix them up a bit? I wonder what kind of contract Memebox made with these companies to curate their products in such a way.

I paid a little less than $22 for this box after shipping and coupons, but I could have done without. At the very least the items are usable, but I found myself incredibly disappointed this time. 

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