Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ipsy February 2015 Review

Cutting it close this month, or what? This month, Ipsy sent me a nice synthetic pink bag that feels like decent quality, albeit being a bit small for my needs. Instead of the usual five items, I received six -- one being a hand cream I got by redeeming a few points I had from reviewing items on their website.

Box: Ipsy (Referral link)
Price: $10/month, $110/year; $4.95 shipping to Canada
Ships to: North America
What’s inside: Various beauty product samples and full size products, very roughly personalized

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Peel Off Mask 10mL/0.33fl oz || Value: $7
Beneficial ingredients of note: honey extract (fourth ingredient), jojoba oil, lactic acid (third last ingredient), glycolic acid (second last ingredient)
Detrimental ingredients of note: alcohol (third ingredient), fragrance (last ingredient)
I get it, alright? The alcohol is necessary to dry the mask to a point where it is able to be peeled off. Doesn't mean  I'm happy with it! I used this anyway because the sample is so small (2-3 uses, max) and because I've always wanted to try a peel off mask that didn't require mixing and laying it on thick (like modeling cups from Korea). This proved to be much easier compared to a modeling cup in both application and peeling off. However, taking it off was genuinely painful, pulling on my skin far more than it is used to being pulled. It definitely exfoliated my skin, and left it nice and soft. This is partly because the peeling off brought a bunch of skin cells with it, and partly --  I assume -- because of the acids in the mask. The honey and jojoba oil helped offset some of the dryness, but my skin was majorly thirsty after this mask. I followed up with a ton of moisturizing products and I think it'll be okay. Not something I would buy but I don't mind using it for fun -- I love the act of peeling. 

Cargo Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss in Anguilla 4.5g??? || Value: ??? Less than $16
This product pisses me off. First, the volume is not stated properly -- it's in grams, and mistakenly converts it on the label to 4.5 mL, which is simply untrue given that a full size of this -- as reported on their website and others -- is much less than that, yet the packaging is much larger. As such, I have no idea how much this costs. That doesn't matter though, because this lip gloss is probably one of the worst things I've ever received. I already am not a fan of lip gloss, but I do like some (NYX butter glosses, for example). This is, first and foremost, incredibly patchy. My lips are rather pigmented and with a light colour like this, it looks like I just put a streak of weird sauce on my lips. It also caught every single lip flake I had, even ones I had no idea I had after exfoliation. It smelled vaguely like chemical berry (perhaps strawberry) and just... was so terrible. Would never recommend. The only redeeming factor about this is that it did genuinely moisturize my lips for the short time it was on.

ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder in Cosmopolitan Full size? || Value: $22.00?
I really hate it when companies don't list weights/volumes on their websites! I have no idea if this is a full size or not, but if it isn't, I'd be amazed. However, I'm pretty confused about the value, because this is $22 alone on ModelCo's website, but $20 for this and a mini kabuki brush -- and they don't note whether the blush is a sample size or not... hmm. Anyway, I am surprised by the quality of this, given the drugstore-level packaging. It was pigmented enough for a pressed powder, and was incredibly forgiving and easy to blend, while being easily built up. It is a bit chalky in the pan, however, and the lasting power wasn't the best. Still, a nice matte pink.

Rob Scheppy for 'Tini Beauty Eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz Full size || Value: $12.00
An eyeshadow of decent quality, no more or less than some better drugstore brands. This is a pearly off-white which acts as a really great brow highlight and is a decent inner corner colour, too. I think I'll be using this a lot. It is both a pro and a con that this colour is very sheer. I haven't decided if it's due to my skin tone or not.

Top to bottom: Cargo lip gloss, ModelCo blush unblended, blush blended, 'Tini Beauty eyeshadow. All one swipe.

Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504 || Value: $16
Didn't shed when I got it, though I haven't put this to use yet. Seems decent quality, but could use some more work on the handle, which doesn't have as much weight to it as I'd like.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin 20ml / 0.67fl oz || Value: ~$6.30
Beneficial ingredients of note: shea butter (fourth ingredient), cocoa nut butter (halfway through list), algae (last half of list), ginseng root extract (last half of list)
Detrimental ingredients of note: parfum (halfway through list), manderin peel oil (near end of list)
This is what I redeemed my points on. I've actually come to love this hand cream a lot since I received it in October. It's not the most moisturizing but it soaks in so fast that it's become the perfect at-work hand cream, where I need to use my hands too often to allow for lotion to dry. The scent is very strong just as the other one was, and smells wonderfully of mangoes and mandarin (more the typical notes than like the actual fruits). The smell fades quickly enough, perhaps in half an hour after application. I kind of wish I got a few more than these, because when I'm working full time through the summer, it'll be great to have... on hand. (I'm so sorry.)

I don't even know the value of this Ipsy, but I know it's more than what I paid for it. Would I pay for this group of items for $15? That's hard to say. But I'm certainly not super unhappy with this bag. Looking at some of the variations others got, I am a little envious. But I can also see that Ipsy is making a genuine effort to include more well-known and quality brands in their subscription. I was waffling last year on whether or not to cancel my subscription, but at the moment, over the past few months, I think I'm happy continuing.

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