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Memebox Superbox #76 While You Were Sleeping Review

Note: this box may be provided for free for review as determined by Memebox; as of writing, I have paid out of pocket.

Another day, another Memebox. Or maybe not. Memebox has decided to stop all shipping internationally, focusing on its USA, China, and original Korea departments. Before the change occurred, I managed to snag this very last box. At least, it's the last box I can get shipped to my home -- since I do have the ability to ship things to a US address if necessary.

I did a lot of search up on this box before I got it, and I was pretty sure it would be a good one for me. Let's take a look.

Box Overview
Box: Memebox (Referral link)
Price: Varies -- typically ~$30 plus shipping
Ships to: United States, Korea, China
What's inside: Korean beauty products. Specifics for each box may be found on their website.

A.H.C Whitening Special Gen Skin Care Kit || Value: $18 (according to card

Solution 30mL/1fl oz
Beneficial ingredients of note: niacin; other ingredients not available
Detrimental ingredients of note: denatured alcohol (second ingredient); other ingredients not available
Not a good start, huh? Denatured alcohol right up top. As you well know if you've read almost any post on this blog, my skin is not a fan of any drying alcohols in excess. Heck, I rarely wear my Biore sunscreen for that reason! This toner-type solution is just barely more viscous than water and has a faint smell of alcohol. It dries very quickly because of it. What's that? Yes, I did stick it on my face! I followed the solution up with...

Serum 10mL/0.33fl oz 
Beneficial ingredients of note: sodium hyaluronase, niacin, snail filtrate; other ingredients not available
Detrimental ingredients of note: denatured alcohol (second ingredient); other ingredients not available
...another alcohol filled product. This serum is more viscous and tinged a bit white. Again, it smells faintly of alcohol and dries quickly. The rest of the ingredients list looks top notch, so I'm pretty sad about this. Together, I did notice that my skin felt drier. I followed it up with a sheet mask (SLC Waterdrop from Mask Box 4) and it helped a lot.

Cream 10mL/0.33fl oz
Beneficial ingredients of note: niacin, green tea extract; other ingredients not available
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (last ingredient); other ingredients not available
This has a consistency between a lotion and a cream. It did hydrate and I quite like it. Overall, I believe I saw some short term brightening effects by using these three products. I am going to continue using all three as an experiment to see the long term effects of alcohol on my skin, and because it would be a pain to ship this set.

Dr. MJ Jasmine Sleeping Water Mask Full size || Value: $12.66
Beneficial ingredients of note: niacinamide (fifth ingredient), jasmine extract?
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (halfway through list)
A purple-tinted gel-like cream that slips all over the face. It soaks in very quickly and very well, to the point that I thought this wouldn't nearly be enough for a sleeping pack (which, in my experience, tends to sit on top of the skin for the most part). I was surprised when I washed my face in the morning and realized that it really had been sitting on my face, forming a protective layer. It has a definite jasmine smell to it, but it's not too offensive, in my opinion. I actually enjoy this quite a bit! It hasn't changed the quality of my skin significantly but it does the job of sealing in moisture just like any other sleeping pack... with the added bonus of being very comfortable to put on and being affordable!

Pure Smile Potion Pack Hand in Pearl Full size || Value: $3
Beneficial ingredients of note: sodium hyaluronidase (third ingredient), pearl powder, snail filtrate; not available
Detrimental ingredients of note: not available
What a great time to get this box, because my hands were unusually dry when I opened it up. This pair of gloves is ridiculously huge, which is frustrating because I had to continuously massage my hands to make sure all the essence was touching my skin. It was decently soaked in essence. I wore it for about half an hour (a little longer than recommended) and my hands looked a bit brighter (a side effect from the pearl powder) and were definitely more hydrated than before, although I did have to follow up with hand cream to lock in the essence.

Grinif Queen of Rose Water Eye Cream Full size || Value: $50 (according to card)
Beneficial ingredients of note: avocado oil (seventh ingredient), jojoba oil, green tea, lactic acid (near end of list)
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (last ingredient); some floral extracts which some may be allergic to

Memebox loves sending out eye creams. This one is in a slightly more luxe looking jar. It smells strongly of roses and is a thick cream, though not too thick. It spreads easily and feels heavy around the eye initally until soaking in. I don't personally believe in the effects of "rose water" (I do enjoy rosehip oil, though!), but it doesn't hurt. I can clearly tell my undereye area is moisturized when it's on. I'm interested if the lactic acid will actually have any effect, considering it's so far down in the ingredients list. I think I will be keeping this for use after I use up my many other eye creams.

That said... $50?! I couldn't find this on any reputable dealer's website, but this seems excessive.

Grinif Shea Butter Multi Balm Full size || Value: $13
Beneficial ingredients of note: petrolatum (first ingredient), shea butter (second ingredient), beeswax (third ingredient), olive oil (second last ingredient), mango butter (last ingredient)
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (fifth ingredient)
With a staggeringly tiny list of nine ingredients, this balm is as simple as can be. Memebox advises this to be used wherever needed, and given that it's mostly petrolatum, I can't find myself disagreeing. This isn't something you couldn't make yourself, and probably for a lower price, but it's cute and as effective as you might expect such a product to be.

Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream Full size || Value: $7.70
Beneficial ingredients of note: urea (second ingredient), cocoa seed butter, olive fruit oil, sodium hyaluronate
Detrimental ingredients of note: fragrance (last ingredient)
I've heard really good things about this food cream! The ingredients list is outstanding. Urea in particular is most well known as a component of urine, but be aware that it's also a great emollient that is proven to soften the skin by "gently dissolv[ing] the intracellular matrix", leading to the safe shedding of excess dry skin. It's found in lots of over the counter creams for people dealing with eczema and keratosis pilaris.

I have rough, dry feet from my dad's side. I sincerely needed something like this, and I'm glad I got it. So far I would say it's semi-effective, but I think with more use the urea will kick in a bit better and my feet will eventually be free of dryness!

Glam Up Highly Enriched Ampoule Full size || Value: $3.50
Beneficial ingredients of note: unavailable
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
This ampoule is about the length of my palm, though I found that I didn't need much to cover my shoulder-length hair. Because it's a thin liquid, I didn't focus on covering every single strand, though. This product had a bit of a chemical smell that was off putting and didn't fade until maybe an hour later. Because I've just recently gotten my hair cut significantly (it used to be at my hips!), my hair is pretty healthy and so I haven't noticed much difference between using this and not using this. It didn't add any weight to my hair, though. It might be a little more silky after use but I'm not sure if I'm imagining it. I'll be using this up by adding it to the argan oil I already use in my hair after showering. This should last me about 10-12 uses, based on how much one time used up.

Rosemine Azulene Calming Gel Full size || Value: $29 (according to card)
Beneficial ingredients of note: aloe vera, hyaluronic acid; unavailable
Detrimental ingredients of note: unavailable
This is a fairly large tube. The inside contents appear blue until you squeeze it out. The gel is incredibly slippery and watery. It is very much like aloe vera gel in both feel and smell. I like the addition of hyaluronic acid, in order to bring in maximum moisture. I'm not sure how I will use up this entire bottle, but it will come in handy in the summer for bug bites.

This box had over $130 worth of items, though two (the eye cream and the calming gel) may be... somewhat overpriced. With eight items (one of which is actually three items), there's no doubt that I got my money's worth and more, though. I love the variety of items in this box. Hair, face, eye, foot, hand, and general purpose. Moreover, I am actively going to use all of the items (or a majority, if you discount the fact that I'm using the solution and serum begrudgingly). This is probably one of my favourite Memeboxes of all time, and that's no lie. It's up there with my other favourites (Mini 3, Cafe, Mask 1&2, Tea Cosmetics). If this comes up again I highly recommend grabbing one for yourself. 

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