Saturday, 25 April 2015

Amoda Tea April 2015 Review

Box: Amoda Tea
Price: $18/month, including shipping
Ships to: North America
What’s inside: 4 different teas (~3 cups each), tea filters

As always, Amoda Tea is a lovely Canadian company that provides tea each month! Packaging has improved since last month, where I got a sad little 2x2 paper intro card on what appeared to be printer paper. This card is made of a nicer feeling paper (not quite card stock, but perfectly acceptable) and explains that this month, all teas are from Camellia Sinensis -- no, not the tea plant, the teahouse. Another Canadian tea company? Count me in.

Perlses of Antilles || Green rooibos
Ingredients: green rooibos, apple pieces, banana pieces, pineapple pieces, grated coconut; all organic
Super fragrant in the bag, this tea unfortunately loses (in my opinion) to its green rooibos, which is far too mild in flavour to enhance the interesting addition of banana pieces. It doesn't taste grassy, nor like tannins -- just vaguely tea-like and apple-ish. I'd skip this.

Nilgiri Coonoor || Black
Ingredients: Indian black tea
This was grown in Southern India, and produces a smooth, soft, and floral tea that would be great for anyone looking for a lighter black tea. I like this (let's face it, I like most black teas) -- but it wasn't quite as good for me, you know? I think this would be perfect for someone else but something about it just doesn't make it the greatest black tea in my life.

Choco Shou || Pu-erh
Ingredients: pu-erh tea, natural chocolate, vanilla flavour
Pu'er, pu-er, pu-erh, or any other spelling thereof, is an interesting sort of tea that is supposed to get better as it ages. I still have my 2013 pu-erh from my Amoda Tea box last year, in January 2014. I'll be opening that up soon! This tea I've already tried, because I figure the chocolate really shouldn't be stored for too long. It was super aromatic -- like a turkish coffee, or a baked chocolate good. This smell didn't come across as much in the taste, but it was still nice. It tasted like a hint of chocolate and a hint of vanilla in a tea that didn't quite taste black, but was unique all on its own. I wouldn't buy this again but it was a treat to try.

One Night in Rio || Black
Ingredients: Indian black tea, grated coconut, pineapple chunks
I'm really loving all the tropical-type teas Amoda has been sending out. I've learned that I have a real hankering for pineapple in tea, as evidenced by how much I loved the Pineapple Sencha from last month. This tea is very fragrant and has resemblance to a pina colada, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the taste doesn't quite come through as the smell does. I'm so-so on this and I wouldn't personally purchase again.

All in all this month's box was a miss for me. I'll finish all of these teas but I didn't fall in love with any of them. My favourite was the Choco Shou and my least was the Perlses of Antilles.

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