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Aromaleigh Ephemera January to April 2015 Review

Box: Ephemera by Aromaleigh
Price: $15/month, plus shipping
Ships to: North America & others, see here
What’s inside: Various cosmetics centered around a theme, plus samples and a treat

Ephemera is a rather new indie subscription box that started in January of this year. Aromaleigh is well known for their eyeshadows and other products. I quickly jumped in on the chance to subscribe to my first indie box, especially as I had never ordered from Aromaleigh before.

To make a long story short: this is a lovely subscription box. The packaging is phenomenal, the quality of the products is good, and the themes are solid. I highly recommend trying this box out if you can snag a coveted slot, if you are vying for some more loose eyeshadows, rouges, and the like in your life.

However, I have ended my subscription as of receiving my April box for two reasons. Firstly, the exchange rate in Canada along with the $8 shipping fee brought the monthly cost of this subscription to nearly $30 a month. That is what most would call a mid-to-high cost for a cosmetics subscription, and ends up being almost equal the value of the box contents without the luxury of choosing what I'd like. Secondly, I realize that I simply cannot finish a full size or even a halfling of loose eyeshadow. What I've gotten from this box in four months is more than I'll be able to use in a few years, I'd bet.

Without further adieu, on to the swatches for this 4-month review! This will be photo heavy, so click the cut below! I'll let the swatches do the talking, for the most part. As always, eyeshadow swatches are half Urban Decay Primer Potion, half bare skin.

January's theme was centred around The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I've never actually read it (I know, I know), but I expected a lot of winter and fantasy themed products.

The packaging was delightful. As you can see, the information pamphlet was on nice, printed paper, and there was matching blue packing paper. The Aromaleigh products in jars had specially designed labels. I really appreciate the attention to detail -- the labels could have been the exact same for the same sized jars, but instead they each had the names on them. There was also a business card for Dreamworld Hermetica, another indie I've yet to try out.

Top: The White Witch, Bottom: 100 Years of Winter
The White Witch: A pale aqua shimmer with gold duochrome.

100 Years of Winter: A smooth greened brown with white snowflake sparkles.

Top: Pale as Icing Sugar, then blended out; Bottom: Enchanted Turkish Delight, then blended out
Pale as Icing Sugar: A neutral toned, soft metallic glow with a multitude of uses. A unique cheek or brow highlighter, and a beautiful all-over eyeshadow shade.
I haven't used this as an eyeshadow and regrettably forgot to include a swatch of this over primer. As a highlighter I find it goes on quite grey and shimmery on my warm-toned skin. I have to be very light handed with this.

Enchanted Turkish Delight: A wearable winter berry with a teal glow.
The teal glow doesn't come off so much on my skin but I do notice it a bit in the jar.

Top: Wytch's Heart, then blotted; Bottom: Locusta, then blended out
Wytch's Heart (Dreamworld Hermetica)
This is a sort of red-brown-pink shade that has a very creamy consistency. Super easy to apply, very difficult to take off. It leaves my lips looking incredibly frosty no matter how little I use. I've only been able to use a tiny dab of this as a layer over other lipsticks. Comfortable formula, just didn't work for me.

Locusta (Aromaleigh)
A light pinky-coral blush. Nothing too special about it.

Superstition's Willing Victim (Ten Three Labs): Bay rum, peppermint, tea, lime, coconut, and sugar cane.
Wet: a whiff of rum and lime.
Dry: smells like a rum and coke with a splash of lime -- not getting much mint of coconut. Low throw and lasts about 4 hours on my skin.
Not a fan of alcohol scents, but at least this didn't turn into dryer sheets on my skin like wine scents tend to do.

The Turkish Taffy was delicious.


February's box was themed around Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Again, something I haven't seen. I know the basics of the movie, though (and Ephemera's pamphlet kindly gives a small synopsis as well). Note the different coloured ribbon holding together the box.

A themed design to the pamphlet again, and green packing paper this time. Attention to detail is key!

Top to bottom: Meet Me in Montauk, Remember Me, Do I Know You?
Meet Me in Montauk: The green of Clementine's hair when she first meets Joel in Montauk, with a smattering of hopeful blue sparkle.
Better over primer, this is a nice deep green and the blue sheen comes across better at certain angles.

Remember Me: The coral/orange of Clementine's hair as her love affair with Joel falters, accented by the golden amber glow of dying memories.
Coral/orange is a good descriptor. I could take this with or without primer. I met it could make a good blush colour, too.

Do I Know You?: Enduring the aftermath of the breakup and memory erasure, Clementine's hair is blue. This shadow is a wintry blue with a lovely copper/rose duochrome shimmer.
This almost looks purple in some lights. A really pretty colour.

Top to bottom: Blessed are the Forgetful, blended out, ??? with primer
People, I really don't know what I was doing with this swatch. Please forgive me. I'm sure I had a really great idea at the time.

Blessed are the Forgetful: The vivid warm red of Clementine's hair when she and Joel are happily in love, with a soft coppery glow of emotional states yet to come.
This is mostly a blush but can be used as an eyeshadow as well. It gets much more vibrant over UDPP. It also comes off more red in real life.

The chocolate heart was alright. Valentine's chocolate is rarely the best around, in my opinion.

Top: Ragnarok, Bottom: Origami Unicorn
Top: Ragnarok, Bottom: Origami Unicorn
Ragnarok: A sneak peek for March's box.
A pretty brown, but useless on bare skin.

Origami Unicorn: From Aromaleigh's Blade Runner collection.
A nice white-silver colour, and an awesome name.

Violet Me (Alchimia Apothecary)
Wet: Violets, violets, more violets.
Dry: The same. Low throw unless it's piled on, and short lifespan on my skin.
This is a really good layering scent, but on it's own it isn't too noteworthy. I love the smell of violets, though.


March was based on Norse mythology. Can I keep stating how much I love how the box tie changes each month?

Top to bottom: Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, Valhalla
Ragnarok: A deep, warm reddish brown with gold/green interference shimmer.
This did slightly better over bare skin than the sample from last month, but I still find it a bit boring. I have so many brown shadows it's ridiculous.

Yggdrasil: A midtown heather green with copper interference shimmer.
The copper is strong in this. Again, over bare skin it's not so great.

Valhalla: A soft pale weathered gold with strong blue interference sparkle.
Really, really pretty. Might be a good inner corner colour.

All three of these colours work really well together, by the way. Strong adherence to the theme, as well.

Valkyrie, then blended out
Valkyrie: An easy-wear, soft warm rose shade. Your cheeks but better.
Exactly as advertised. Very forgiving shade, easy to blend out.

Top: Carina, Bottom: Sneak peek
Daydreams (Kiss My Sass): A sheer pale pink glow.
A gloss to layer on top of other colours. I usually hate gloss but this gives just the perfect amount of pearlescent shine to my lips. It's also quite moisturizing. It does, however, have peppermint in it, which gives it a tingle and slight plumping effect. So watch out for that. Just this much will last me a long time, because you don't need a lot to have a noticeable glow. In fact, too much leads to some pooling in the lip lines.

Carina (Aromaleigh): Sneak peek for the Galactic collection.

GORGEOUS. On bare skin this is a pretty (albeit very light) blue-purple-grey, but over primer it absolutely shines. The entire Galactic collection by Aromaleigh looks amazing. If I could come up with more uses for this in my daily life I would order it in a full size. My goodness.

Sneak peek for next month
No labelled name for this one, perhaps to make the theme more difficult to guess. A mauve with some shimmer.

The Swedish Fish were yummy, though a bit bland.

More pictures!

Top to bottom: Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, Valhalla, Carina, Sneak Peek
Top to bottom: Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, Valhalla, Carina, Sneak Peek

April's theme was based around an Ancient Roman holiday, Floralia, a spring festival. Look how pretty that label is!

Top to bottom: Locus of Desire, Metamorphose, Realm of Flora
Locus of Desire: A soft coral peach frost with golden shimmer.
So pretty. Disappears on bare skin, though -- maybe it could be used layered over blush for some shimmer?

Metamorphose: A midtone mauve with buff tones, and green/chartreuse interference highlights.
This is the sneak peek from last month. A really nice and unique-looking colour which would probably be great in the crease (if only I had one!)

Realm of Flora: A pale creamy peach with a violet highlight.
This can be used as a highlight or an eyeshadow, and I remembered to take a swatch over primer this time. Probably a good inner corner colour, but I think it'd be best as a highlight (see below).
Top: La Plus Heureuse, Bottom: Minthe
La Plus Heureuse: Sneak peek for next month's box
Sort of a dark purple colour with quite a bit of sparkle.

Minthe: From the Flower Nymph collection
A minty green with sparkle.
Top to bottom: Locus of Desire, Metamorphose, Realm of Flora, La Plus Heureuse, Minthe

Top: Vernal roses, then blended; Bottom: Realm of Flora, then blended
Floralia cream eyeshadow

Vernal Roses: A muted, mostly matte mauved rose with delicate copper shimmer. 
I prefer matte blushes to shimmer for the most part, so this is welcome. Kind of disappears on my cheeks, though. 

Realm of Flora: A pale creamy peach with a violet highlight.

Floralia (Glamour Doll Eyes)
I've never used a cream eyeshadow before. It applied super smoothly. A peppy and bright pink with a bit of shimmer.

Top to bottom: Vernal Roses, then blended; Realm of Flora, then blended; Floralia

I ate the Hershey's Kisses before I remembered to take more photos of them. Oops.

That's all, folks! As you can see, this box is great quality and it's like getting a present in the mail each month. For me, personally, the cost simply exceeded the value and use I got out of it. If the exchange rate improves, I may consider subscribing again in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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