Thursday, 7 May 2015

Baroque Cosmetics Always With Me Collection Review + Swatches

 Back with another Baroque Cosmetics review, yes I am! This time, it's the Always With Me collection, inspired by Spirited Away. I'm a sucker for Miyazaki stuff (and yes, an upcoming review for Baroque's Howl's Moving Castle-inspired collection, A Heart's a Heavy Burden, is coming up soon!)

This collection contains 8 shadows and can be purchased as a set for $10 sample size, $44 full size. Individual shadows cost $1.50 sample size, $6 full size. It mostly focuses on cool-toned colours in the green-blue spectrum. Unfortunately I found the blue-greens really difficult to capture on camera, and they ended up less vibrant than I found them to be in real life.

I feel like these shadows do not perform well without primer. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's something to keep in mind. I did not test these on a sticky base -- all swatches are on Urban Decay Primer Potion (on the left; right is bare skin). The shadows are all finely milled and I did not find them particularly patchy to apply.

On to the swatches! Remember, you can click the photos to get a zoom in.    

Top: Smells Like Human Spirit, Bottom: Herbal Bath Soak
Ugh, super washed out pictures, I apologize! I'm still getting the hang of this "photography" thing. 

Smells Like Human Spirit: A lime green with red glitter.
This green is more vibrant than Baroque's swatch suggests! The red glitter is noticeable but you've got to focus to notice that it's red. I would say the colour is fairly true to what it appears like in the jar. If you're comparing this to other Baroque shadows, it is much different from the other light green colour, Wizard's Apprentice, which is slightly more matte and definitely more pistachio in colour.

Herbal Bath Soak: A medium tea green blue with a slight gold shimmer.
The description of this shadow is spot on. This is a lovely soft colour that's shimmery without being frosty. The shimmer gives a lovely sheen. 

Top: Dragon, Bottom: Ocean Railway
Dragon: A minty green blue.
I really love this colour. It's a great representation of the character in question, even though it isn't exactly a colour he wears, you know? I would say the colour is similar to Baroque's swatch
 but more shimmery. Unfortunately, this didn't fare well on bare skin at all.

Ocean Railway: A bright blue with green glitter.
Very glittery. This colour does a great shift from darker blue to lighter blue depending on the angle you view it at. If you blend too much, all the blue disappears and you get left with a glitter bomb. Definitely use primer with this if you want it to stay on your face! I think it would be super amazing over a sticky base.

I think the greens and blues for this collection are all unique from each other enough that they individually make a good contribution to the overall collection. Here's some more views! You can really see the glitter in Ocean Railway here: 

Alright, on to the next four shades!

Top: Bathhouse, Bottom: Give Me Sen!
 These photographed much better, I think.

Bathhouse: A bright red with gold glitter.
Not much to say about this, as it's just as advertised! I did find it pretty accurate to Baroque's swatch, if not a bit more rich in colour.

Give Me Sen!: A dusty purple with a satin finish.
Completely accurate to Baroque's swatch. I think this would be a great staple for anyone who uses a lot of purple. I love the finish.

I lost my second picture for this one!

Confetti Candy: White with red, gold and green sparks! (note hard to capture on camera)
Hard to capture on camera is right. Let me assure you that this pure white colour absolutely has tons of red, gold, and green sparks, and it is noticeable! A perfect representation of confetti candy. I probably wouldn't recommend this as an inner corner highlight; it really is a huge, delicious glitter bomb (yet without being overly offensive!). A surprising favourite of mine from this collection.

Boiler Room: A blackened bronze.
This picture makes Boiler Room look much more boring than it is, although I still wouldn't recommend it to any seasoned shadow collector. It has a lovely bronze sheen to it and despite my swatch (and Baroque's), it does have some shimmer to it. Works best over primer but it's one of the few shadows in this collection that could fare well on bare skin, too.

Overall, I think this collection does an amazing job of representing its source material. My significant other was able to pick out some of the characters despite not having seen the movie in years! My favourite shades from this collection are Dragon and Confetti Candy. If I had to, I would pass on Bathhouse and Boiler Room. If you're a blue&green fanatic, consider this collection! If you're looking for more matte shades (I know some of the website swatches almost look that way), do pass on this. All of the shades except Give Me Sen! were shimmery, metallic, or glittery. 

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